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Content & publisher growth continues for provider of cloud-based application integrating technical information with analytical and search tools

Premier nurse mentoring program is funded by The Elsevier Foundation

Submissions for first time presenters participating at the Charleston Conference open until August 23

New milestone in expanding cooperation with the leading Chinese medical publisher

June 24 deadline for 1 page applications to promote gender equality in academia and build capacity in developing world libraries

Fiscal 2013 highlights include double-digit business growth, aggressive content expansion and high renewal rates

Access to consistent source of technical references improves efficiency

Industry-leading Elsevier imprints Morgan Kaufmann, Syngress, Academic Press, Butterworth-Heinemann, Newnes now available on

Research excellence nominations accepted through September 15 to support research, build capacity and inspire a new generation of women scientists in the developing world

Mendeley users to benefit from seamless access to Elsevier's leading content and workflow tools, while Elsevier expands researcher workflow offerings and builds greater engagement with its users

Elsevier to expand its suite of solutions to cover the entire drug discovery and development value chain by launching new life sciences solutions

Knovel’s solution integrates technical information with analytics and search to deliver trusted answers and drive innovation

$650,000 awarded to Innovative Libraries, New Scholars and Nurse Faculty Programs