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New Nurse Faculty Mentored Leadership Development program will address faculty shortage

First and Second Prize Winners Design Life Science Tools of the Future

Acquisition announced today

Scientists Assess Life Science Tools to Accelerate Science

Winners Announced at International Semantic Web Conference

Starting in January 2009, Elsevier will be the official publisher of quarterly journal

Eight Elsevier Books Win First Prize at BMA Medical Book Competition

Corporate Social ResponsibilitySeptember 15th Grant Deadline for Elsevier Foundation ImminentAug 22, 2008

Grants aim to help researchers in developing countries and the academic workplace

Semi-finalists to work with 500,000+ articles to create the life sciences tools of the future

Awards target researchers in developing countries and academic workplace

Ready to implement CrossRef’s plagiarism detection software after successful pilot

Grants promote academic diversity and research in the developing world

Awardees set example for innovation in developing countries and the academic workplace