Aureus Pharma joins MDL® Isentris® Alliance

Agreement will improve R&D productivity by augmenting life sciences content available via MDL® Isentris® system and enabling distribution of Aureus databases in MDL® Direct format

San Ramon, CA and Paris, France, May 31, 2007 - Elsevier MDL is pleased to announce that Aureus Pharma has joined the MDL® Isentris® Alliance as a preferred partner. In addition, Aureus plans to deliver its high-quality content in MDL® Direct format. This will accelerate drug discovery workflows for MDL Isentris customers by enabling them to access Aureus content via the MDL® Isentris® informatics system.

Chemistry and biology content from Aureus includes detailed experimental activity data mined from the literature related to important drug classes (including GPCRs, ion channels and kinases) as well as other drug safety topics (ADME/drug-drug interactions and the hERG channel).

The partnership agreement permits Aureus Pharma to augment its own commercial knowledge databases with the industry-leading chemical representation and reaction searching performance of the MDL® Direct data cartridge. The MDL Direct chemistry search engine accelerates R&D workflows by combining full reaction transformation searching, unsurpassed chemistry sophistication and proven performance on databases with over five million reactions and at least 20 million structures.

"Using the capabilities of MDL Isentris to integrate Aureus Pharma's comprehensive chemistry and biology content management system with other proprietary and commercial information will accelerate knowledge-driven discovery," said Jason Theodosiou, CEO of Aureus Pharma. "We are especially pleased by the opportunity to enhance the usability and performance of our knowledge databases with MDL Direct cartridge technology."

"Aureus Pharma joins a growing community of informatics companies that is working with Elsevier MDL to offer scientists comprehensive content solutions through the integrating Isentris system," commented Lars Barfod, President and CEO of Elsevier MDL. "Making Aureus’s extensive chemical and biological data available via Isentris reinforces our promise to the market that Isentris offers researchers critical multi-disciplinary content across the discovery spectrum."

The MDL Isentris system accelerates R&D by integrating information, applications and business rules into the discovery workflow. Isentris provides a research environment where scientists can easily access internal and external data on demand, collaborate more effectively with colleagues, quickly analyze data using integrated tools and rapidly gain insight to make informed decisions.

Aureus Pharma joins leading software and consulting companies around the world (including ACD/Labs, BioWisdom, DeltaSoft, Eidogen Sertanty, InfoChem, InforSense, Klee, Osthus GmbH, Spotfire, Symyx and Tripos) that are integrating specialized informatics solutions with MDL Isentris technology to improve R&D productivity and return on investment.

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About Aureus Pharma
Aureus Pharma, headquartered in Paris, France, is a privately-held, knowledge-management-based solutions provider for the life sciences industry. Aureus Pharma accelerates new drug discovery by providing knowledge databases which contain high-quality, quantitative information for both chemistry and biology. Researchers gain rapid access to knowledge for important drug target classes including GPCR, Ion Channel, Kinase as well as other critical pharmaceutical topics including ADME/Drug-Drug Interactions and the hERG Channel. The information contained in the Aureus Pharma system is of primary importance to aid in lead discovery and optimization as well as to build predictive models.

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