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Leading experts from cancer centers, start-ups, technology, private equity, innovation centers, pharma and government will gather in Boston, March 29-31, 2020

Free virtual institute and online community focuses on diagnosis and treatment of advanced melanoma

Elsevier brought 12 medical student finalists from across the world to London to take part in a thrilling clinical knowledge challenge

New algorithm will allow drug developers to reduce risk and lower research and development costs

Elsevier congratulates its medical authors and editors for this industry recognition and for consistently producing high-quality medical content

ExpertPath will enable pathologists to decide which ancillary tests should be run and which other differentials pathologists should consider to reach the right diagnosis

Enhanced calculator for predicting DDI risk improves safety and informs decision-making

Elsevier will integrate the database into a new clinical decision support product designed to support clinicians make more accurate and informed diagnoses

Solution reduces documentation burden, with one large health system reducing documentation time by more than six minutes per nurse per shift

The Hospital Márcio Cunha wins the "Outstanding ICT Achievement Award" for harnessing existing and new ICT to provide significant improvement to patient care and safety