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Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Board

Improving gender balance in academic research globally

Kumsal Bayazit, CEO, at townhall

Inequities in academic research manifest in many ways: from the low proportion of women who are tenured professors, to the low rates of grants awarded to women and researchers who are members of underrepresented racial & ethnic groups in research, to the lack of appropriate sex and gender-based analysis in research studies.

We are helping enhance diversity and inclusion in research across gender, race & ethnicity, and geographical dimensions and ensure that research is conducted and reported in the most equitable and inclusive manner possible.

I&D Hub

Knowledge and innovation are born of diversity: diversity of people, ideas, thought, culture and perspective. We are committed to ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and to driving that in research, in health, and in our own organization.

Through the creation of an Inclusion & Diversity Advisory Board, we resolve to:

Work with research leaders, funding bodies and higher education institutions to drive gender and racial & ethnic equity across the STEM academic career path

Work with academics, publishers, and funders to promote greater gender and racial & ethnic diversity and inclusion as well as geographic representation in editorial boards, peer review and scientific conferences while supporting publication and inclusive participation in research

Promote inclusion and diversity best practices to help foster diverse and inclusive future generations of STEM graduates

Encourage enhanced sex and gender-based analysis and reporting in research studies

Work with our network of stakeholders to influence and address inequality in the communities we serve

Publish an annual report to highlight areas of progress and summarize the actions of the I&D Advisory Board

Elsevier Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Board 2020 - 2021 Report -Making progress towards a more inclusive research ecosystem. A summary of initiatives supported by the Board

Elsevier Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Board 2020 - 2021 report

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Elsevier initiatives

The future of science depends on a robust and diverse workforce drawn from all corners of society. Our partnerships focus on fostering inclusive policy and advancing women scientists in developing countries. Since 2005, the Elsevier Foundationopens in new tab/window works in partnership with knowledge-centered institutions around the world, supporting innovations for inclusive health and research. Working toward racial and social equality: free access to curated research related to systemic racism, healthcare bias, racial violence, law enforcement reform and social justice movements. Discover the RELX SDG Resource Centreopens in new tab/window, showcasing the latest in science, law, business, events and more that can help drive forward the SDGs.

The Board

The mission of the Board is to create a more equitable research ecosystem by:

  • Drive I&D initiatives that lead to positive change in gender and race & ethnicity diversity and inclusion and geographic representation in academic research.

  • Help set standards and best practices that drive unbiased, robust decisions incorporating I&D principles in research.

  • Influence and improve gender and racial & ethnic diversity and inclusion and geographic representation in research funding, editorial boards, peer review and scientific conferences and ensure that research is conducted and reported in the most equitable and inclusive manner possible.


Kumsal Bayazit


Kumsal Bayazit

Chief Executive Officer


Read more about Kumsal Bayazit
Portrait photo of Richard Horton, FRCP, FMedSci


Richard Horton, FRCP, FMedSci


The Lancet

Board members

Gary L. Darmstadt


Gary L. Darmstadt, MD, MS

Associate Dean for Maternal and Child Health, and Professor of Neonatal and Developmental Medicine

Department of Pediatrics, Stanford University School of Medicine

Sara Hawkes


Sarah Hawkes, PhD

Director of the Centre for Gender and Global Health

University College London

Helena Legido-Quigley


Helena Legido-Quigley

Associate Professor

Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore

Dr. Elizabeth Pollitzer


Elizabeth Pollitzer, PhD

Founder and Director

Portia Ltd

Londa Schiebinger


Londa Schiebinger, PhD

John L. Hinds Professor of History of Science

History Department, Stanford University

Martina Schraudner


Martina Schraudner, PhD

Professor of Gender and Diversity

Technical University of Berlin & Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation

Hannah Valantine


Hannah Valantine, MD

Professor of Medicine

Stanford University

Miyoko O. Watanabe


Miyoko O. Watanabe, PhD

Standing Trustee, Nihon University / President/CEO, NPO Wood Deck

Tom Welton


Tom Welton, OBE, CChem, FRSC, FCGI


Royal Society of Chemistry

Nieng Yan


Nieng Yan, PhD

Princeton University