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ScienceDirect Backfiles

Why add Backfiles to your existing ScienceDirect collection?

relevant knowledge

97% of surveyed ScienceDirect users agree that Backfiles content provides relevant knowledge that is useful for preparing their research.

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95% of respondents agree that the high-quality content from before 1995 is fueling the science of the future, sparking new research ideas.

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ScienceDirect Backfiles include more than 5,000,000 articles, many from 18 legacy journals, often going back to Volume 1, Issue 1.

“Backfiles filled a knowledge gap and allowed comparison of findings from earlier methods to those with new methods.” – Professor, Academic Institution
“I used articles such as these to complete my literature review for my graduate work, and continue to use this research as a foundation for new research and the need for repeated examination.” – Principal Investigator, Academic Institution