Driving value throughout your Pure journey

We’re committed to making your Pure experience a successful one. The global Pure team consists of more than 100 highly-skilled professionals who ensure that you can maximize the value of Pure for your organization—right from the early implementation stage to its ongoing development and improvement as your needs evolve.

Implementation and support

Our implementation and support teams ensure you have an exceptional experience with Pure—from day one.

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Experienced implementation team

We understand that transitioning to a new system is complex. That’s why implementing Pure involves a comprehensive onboarding process—including orientation calls, execution plans, and access to informative tools and help desk support.

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Outstanding customer support

Our aim is to enable you to resolve any issues with your Pure system quickly and effectively—no matter where you are. Our self-service environment is curated to ensure you can find the assistance you need instantly, either via relevant information online or by reaching out to our global team of product specialists.

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Toolkit and guides

To get you started on your Pure journey, we ensure that you and your fellow staff members can unlock its benefits from the get-go.

On-campus toolkit

Our toolkit is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of how the system works, empowering you to successfully roll out Pure on campus and support its adoption across your institution.

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In-product guides

Interactive documentation embedded within the system allows all your teams—from researchers to library professionals and research managers—to get the most out of Pure.

Academy pictogramPure Academy

We understand that Pure is most valuable when you use it to meet your specific goals. Pure Academy—a global online resource hub with live and recorded training sessions, how-to documentation, online webinars and master classes—helps you use Pure’s features to your advantage.

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consultant pictogramDedicated consultants

As your organization grows, its research needs evolve too. Our in-region customer consultants stay in touch with you, providing guidance on how you can optimize processes to derive more value from Pure, and ensure the continued success of your institution.

hosting pictogramReliable hosting options

Pure is all about saving you time and effort so you can focus on your core business. Each Pure installation is implemented as a full software as a service cloud solution. Elsevier hosts and maintains Pure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) globally, and Aliyun in China. This enables both automatic upgrades and client-requested or scheduled upgrades to the Pure system.

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security pictogramRobust information security

Securing your data is of utmost importance to us. Our robust information security program is designed to protect your institution’s information on multiple levels.

Organizational security

Dedicated security teams and ongoing staff training

Access controls

Physical and logical authentications to protect customer data

Operational security

Incident logging, monitoring and management

Business continuity

Streamlined disaster recovery processes


Industry-leading data security standards, rules and regulations

Based on industry best practices

Policies, standards and guidelines reviewed and updated regularly

ISO 27001 certified

Our policies, standards and guidelines are fully certified under ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

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partnership pictogramTrusted partnerships

Pure evolves with you. We ensure that we’re prepared to meet your future needs by consistently exchanging ideas with you. Working together, we define, develop and implement the best RIMS for your institution. Our clients often join us as pilot development partners, having direct involvement in how Pure evolves.

roadmap pictogramProduct roadmap

Pure’s goal is to empower you with tools that help you unlock your research potential. Our product development teams draw on feedback received from you and the global Pure community to design and deliver features and functionalities that will continue to support you into the future. Almost 70% of Pure’s development roadmap is inspired by your requirements.

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Pure International Conference

Continuous improvement is built on open communication. Our updated product roadmap is presented at the Pure International Conference held every year. Over 70% of our clients attend this annual user conference, which is curated to facilitate learning, sharing and networking among Pure users around the globe.

Learn more about our annual Pure International Conference.

Global pictogramGlobal user community

Building a trusted community of Pure users paves the path forward. Our global user community includes more than 10 user groups around the world that focus on exchanging experiences, and discussing local and global themes. We actively support our user groups and seek their opinions and expertise to further enhance the Pure experience.

User groupContacts
UKKaren Kay,
University of Birmingham
Damon Querry,
University of Edinburgh
DenmarkGert Poulsen,
Copenhagen Business School
Camilla Dissing,
Coordinator of User Days
FinlandAija Kaitera,
University of Helsinki
German speakingEiken Fredricksen,
Christian-Albrechts-Universit├Ąt zu Kiel
Award managementJakob Puttinger,
University of Vienna
BelgiumStefanie Van Rysseghem,
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Elena Huerta Sanchez,
VUB, Coordinator of User Sessions
The NetherlandsFrank Diepmaat,
Tilburg University
Nick Veenstra,
Liaison for User Group
USAJan Fransen,
University of Minnesota
AustraliaKate Crocker,
University of Western Australia
Russian speakingIvan Grigoriev,
St Petersburg State University
Hong KongRoger Wong,
City University of Hong Kong
Latin AmericaVictor Hugo Rocco Toloza,
Universidad Andr├ęs Bello
Josmel Pacheco,
USIL Bibliometrics Division

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