Maximizing efficiency across your institution

Within a single institution, people from different departments and disciplines depend on the accuracy of the same data and reports. Pure provides tools to enrich and streamline multiple research processes, so you can drive performance and results in what you do—whether you’re an institutional leader, research manager, library and information science professional, or information technology specialist.

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Institutional leaders

Take advantage of a cohesive research ecosystem to augment research performance, funding and institution-wide decision making.

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Access complete research visibility via connected internal and external reporting on research activity and compliance.

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Improve research perception among potential collaborators by organizing and showcasing institutional accolades.

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Capitalize on funding opportunities with easy and clear visibility into workflow activity and milestones.

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Demonstrate global impact with quantitative and qualitative indicators interlinked with research output.

City University of Hong Kong: Steering research into the next era of growth

City University of Hong Kong: Steering research into the next era of growth

City University of Hong Kong chose to migrate its research management solutions onto Pure to create a single, trusted source of research metadata and researcher profiles, and to make reporting and showcasing easier.

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Taipei Medical University: How Pure supports growth ambitions

Taipei Medical University: How Pure supports growth ambitions

Taipei Medical University chose to adopt Pure to help centrally administrate data collation and research reporting of its different colleges and research centers, and to align research information to the practice of international communities.

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[Solutions like Pure] are an essential tool. They can tell you things about your citation indices that can help you build your academic reputation. They can help you focus resources. Such tools allow you to see how your university stacks up against competitors.

- David Weindorf, Vice President of Research and Innovation,
University of Central Michigan, USA

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Research managers

Transform your office’s ability to collect and manage data, guide decision making and deliver new insights.

Maintain reporting

Seamlessly maintain complete reporting on connected research activity and current compliance.

Drive connectivity

Drive connectivity between multiple research teams by easily organizing institutional and research activity data.

project workflows

Maintain multiple project workflows for accurate tracking across research activity and milestones.

Academic goals

Advance academic goals by elevating institutional performance and streamlining grant applications and research outputs.

Monash University

Monash University: Seeking a single source of truth with Pure’s Awards Management Module

In support of its vision for academics and research, Monash University’s next Research Information Management System (RIMS) needed to secure its continued prominence on the global stage well into the future.

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Pennsylvania State University: Measuring performance and its global impact

To align with their goals and strategic objectives, Pennsylvania State University used Pure to quantitatively evaluate the breadth of its research activities, measure research performance and analyze its impact.

What surprised me the most was the way young researchers engage with the system. They are really worried about the way they are displayed in the portal, so they engage a lot and are very interested in Pure.

- Tiago Guedes, Head of Research Support Office,
Nova University, Portugal

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Library and information science professionals

Leverage a highly proactive and responsive interface to enable efficient institutional archiving and enhanced research visibility.


Generate actionable insights by supporting connected and accurate reporting on real-time research activity.


Support collaboration among various research teams through organized overviews of research activity data.


Enable precise tracking of the entire funding lifecycle and various research milestones by supporting multiple project workflows.


Boost institutional visibility via compelling stories, vibrant public profiles and tailored views of your institution’s research activities.

Saint Petersburg State University

Saint Petersburg State University: Raising global visibility in academic research

Saint Petersburg State University’s RIMS had to meet the data-driven research and business intelligence needs of the university’s staff, faculty and a growing student body. The university found a complete solution with Pure and was able to solve multiple research challenges with one platform.

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Montclair State University: Disseminating scholarly output to the world

With a high level of research activity, Montclair State University had to find way to share and promote their intellectual output. A complete solution like Pure helps the university to showcase their achievements both locally and globally.

We’ve been using Pure on a regular basis. We use it on annual reporting on publications to the Ministry of Education and Culture. And then we do ad hoc analysis of the data. So, we’re using it all the time and researchers know that. And then, of course, the publicity you get through the portal, that’s very important encouragement for researchers.

- Aija Kaitera, Research Services Developer,
University of Helsinki, Finland

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Information technology specialists

Provide a functional solution while maintaining a high level of security and reliability with an ISO 27001 certified RIMS.


Simplify integration between diverse internal and external data sources via a fully interoperable system.

Security structures

Manage complex security structures with a system based on ISO standards and protocols, global best practices and continuous software development.

Adapt and scale

Adapt and scale to meet your organization’s requirements by delivering added functionality through extensible technology design.

IT operations

Transform IT operations by eliminating the need for hardware sourcing, custom software development, ad hoc systems, and continuous maintenance.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education

MAHE, India: Advancing progress towards increased international collaboration

Manipal Academy of Higher Education implemented Pure with the aim to solve key challenges they were facing with the RIMS they had developed in-house.

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University of Vienna

University of Vienna: A researcher-centric approach to reporting and evaluation

Pure has given the University of Vienna both a more panoramic and more granular view of its internal environment, and equipped it with improved data collection to drive strategic business decisions.

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The main reason for choosing Pure was the user-friendliness. We wanted our researchers to
be involved in working with the program and this seemed to be the best solution for it.

- Dimitri Unger, Application Manager,
Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands

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Pure is an ISO-certified RIMS

Certified under ISO/IEC 27001:2013 policies, standards and guidelines, Pure’s administrative, physical and technical safeguards are designed to protect your institution’s information.

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