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Elsevier Text Mining enables the retrieval of highly specified  information from unstructured content, providing more meaningful answers  to complex research questions.

Rapid access to relevant answers

Discover how Elsevier Text Mining helps life sciences researchers discover insights, extracting detailed information from unstructured content.

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Rapid access to relevant answers - Text Mining | Elsevier

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The information demands of life science and pharmaceutical R&D teams  are considerable and complex—they need to answer very specific research questions about disease mechanisms, compound bioactivities, drug  efficacies and competitor product performances. Retrieving such specific  information from the vast amount of in-house and third-party content  demands considerable expertise in search construction.

Text Mining based on life science expertise

Elsevier Text Mining takes the concept of mining databases to a level  beyond traditional search engines. Backed by expertise in classifying  life science data and natural language processing, this research tool helps even  novice users pinpoint precise data within unstructured content,  including full-text literature or specified sections of scientific literature  (e.g., within materials and methods sections). The data output can also  be customized—databases of extracted facts, full-text literature and/or  citations are all possible.

Discover more in our case study: Mining Text to Deliver Answers on Demand (PDF, 631kb)

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