To help accelerate data-driven research, the Professional Services Group (PSG) facilitates the development of custom algorithms and the application of machine learning techniques to create an integrated and harmonized source of chemistry data.

Integrated & harmonized source of chemistry data

Elsevier’s data integration and harmonization capabilities provide researchers with a unified source of data while driving productivity through a foundation of analytics-ready information.

These services include:

Text mining - pictogram

Data harmonization, and preparation, to enable predictive analytics and reaction prediction

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Stockroom integration with Electronic Lab Notebook and medicinal chemistry integrations

Professional services solutions

PSG’s data and content integration solutions addresses  challenges relating to information silos resulting from disparate data sources; gaps in data interoperability; and time / labor-intensive investments in data mining and cleaning. These solutions include:

Data integration & harmonization: Seamless integration and management of internal data (e.g., stockroom), external datasets (e.g., CRO information), and Elsevier solutions, content and data

Workflow solutions: Extraction and querying of data to develop custom repositories, and dashboards, to serve existing workflows and make data available through new and integrated points of access.

Text mining application: Facilitation of information discoverability across unstructured datasets (e.g., ELNs) through custom taxonomy mapping and natural language processing.

Content integration

Key outcomes

Drug repurposing - Pictogram


Enhanced output and collaboration via comprehensive, domain-based information source

discovery - pictogram


Expanded knowledge based on increased visibility, interoperability, and reuse of valuable internal data gathered over time

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Research advancement through identification of key collaborators, sponsors, and relevant patient clinics

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Reduced time spent searching and cleaning data