Sanofi and DNDi drug approval

Support successful EMA and FDA submissions with drug-drug interaction predictions

PharmaPendium’s mechanistic static Drug-Drug Interaction Risk Calculator (DDIRC) identifies potential drug-drug interactions between a drug candidate and marketed drugs.

Sanofi/DNDi fexinidazole approval

Read about how Sanofi/DNDi used DDIRC predictions in its successful regulatory submissions for a new drug.

Sanofi/DNDi customer story cover

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Key insights

  • A complex metabolism pathway made it challenging to set up a dynamic approach (PBPK model).
  • DDIRC identified potential drug interactions simultaneously, saving time and resources.
  • DDIRC predictions supported the drug interactions sections of the labelling (SmPC and US PI).

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Download the full customer story to read in Sanofi/DNDi’s own words about the DDIRC predictions that supported EMA and FDA authorization of fexinidazole.

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