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Leaders in immuno-oncology met to discuss the challenges and potential of this treatment approach.

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Unlock the underlying biology and drive deeper discovery

Find critically relevant and actionable information fast with best-in-class content and powerful analytical tools

Finding actionable insights relating to a particular gene, disease or biomarker requires searching the relevant literature and connecting the disparate pieces of information — often a time-consuming and tedious endeavor. Whether scientists are focused on human pathology or plant biology, an informatics solution that facilitates the interpretation of experimental data gives greater insight into the mechanisms of disease and accelerates biological research through pathway analysis. Pathway Studio is that solution.

By integrating a vast knowledgebase of biological relationships harvested from millions of published articles (full-text and abstracts) with analytical and visualization tools, Pathway Studio enables scientists to explore molecular interactions along with the cause and effect relationships associated with biological processes across multiple organisms. By harnessing the extensive content found beyond the public domain, novel discovery is both more likely and more fully supported. This integrative and comprehensive biology-based investigational framework is ideal for drug target identification, disease modeling, biomarker identification and drug repurposing.

Count on Pathway Studio to help you:

Count on Pathway Studio to help you | Elsevier Solutions

  • Analyze and interpret your experimental results in the context of published data with greater confidence
  • Rapidly develop and confirm experimental hypotheses for new drug targets, biomarkers and drug repurposing projects

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  • Unravel cell and immunology interactions associated with disease biology
  • Understand the underlying biology that affects development, disease progression and drug responsiveness

Pathway Studio supports however you like to work

Because every researcher and every project has unique data analysis needs, Pathway Studio is flexible in how it you can use it in your work. It supports all common laboratory data formats for proteomics, metabolomics and expression data, including NGS expression (RNA-Seq) as well as NGS variant (VCF) data. So whether you need to run a simple database query to better understand the biology of a specific gene or protein interaction, identify a potential drug target or biomarker, or build a complex disease model, you can easily access the information you need precisely when you need it. For the latest version of Pathway Studio Web, we listened carefully to customer feedback and the result is an even more powerful user interface. These recent upgrades have made Pathway Studio the easiest and fastest solution for understanding the biology of diseases.

Drive more thoughtful, meaningful decisions and research with more molecular interactions and connections

Simplified workflows, manually curated pathways, extensive content and valuable filters empower you to explore molecular interaction data and to identify more connections to your protein, disease or drug. With just a few clicks, biological context — backed by >7 million literature-based molecular interactions and >2,000 manually curated pathways — can be placed around your experimental data. Use of this exhaustive knowledgebase can accelerate innovation across academic, government and corporate institutions by enabling you to:

  • Visualize biological and disease systems through pathway analysis
  • Determine novel drug targets by leveraging published scientific literature (>10,000 journals)
  • Understand the effect of genetic mutations have on patients and on drug development
  • Discern the role of signaling pathways in disease and disease progression
  • Unravel cell and immunology interactions associated with disease biology
  • Discover new diseases your drug can potentially treat

Case study

Identifying the most promising drug target - Pahtway Studio |Elsevier Soutions

Identifying the most promising drug target

Many drugs fail due to poor efficacy in large populations or toxicity issues. Drug candidate optimization cannot completely overcome these issues if they stem from choosing a target with limited prevalence or with high probability of side effects.
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