Revealing underlying biology for discovery research, hypothesis generation and data-driven Drug Discovery & Development

Early drug discovery requires rapid and complex biology decisions based on limited information that is often buried in full-text articles, publications and databases. Incorrect decisions could have devastating effects for clinical development, leading to failed trials, lost time and resources, and increased drug development costs.

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How Pathway Studio helps
Pathway Studio provides access to structured data that more fully supports novel discovery and content not found in the public domain. It enables a more integrative and comprehensive biology-based investigational framework for discovery research, drug target identification, disease modeling, biomarker discovery, and drug repurposing.

It provides biologists and bioinformaticians with a powerful tool to interpret experimental data in the context of published findings. Powerful filters and curated pathways help researchers quickly find the most relevant information on disease-related questions or rapidly identify functional information on genes.

Pathway Studio helps biologists discover disease mechanisms to:

  • Identify drug target and biomarker candidates
  • Repurpose or reposition existing drugs
  • Interpret experimental data in the context of published findings

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Biomarker Reasearch – TechValidate - Pahtway Studio | Elsevier

Pathway Studio helped me build collaborations and identify cellular processes underlying the observed changes in my transcriptomics results
Source: David Horvath, Principle Investigator, US Department of Agriculture
I saved a lot of time and effort with Pathway Studio since I can just input my list of genes and and get the gene interaction between these genes, and I can always manipulate the conditions and filters to suit my study.
Source: Aravind Tallam, Graduate Student, Universitie Du Luxembourg
Understanding better the molecular mechanisms of these diseases will bring new effective drug candidates, as well as molecular markers for early warning for incoming problems Source: Danail Bonchev, Professor of Mathematics, Director of Research in Bioinformatics at CSBC Computational Biology, Virginia Commonwealth Universityy

How Pathway Studio works

Pathway Studio provides scientists with the most comprehensive knowledge base of molecular interactions drawn from literature–based evidence. Integrated data mining, analytical, and visualization capabilities rapidly connect relevant biological relationships and help users interpret and visualize their experimental data, and develop and test hypothesis. Available as an online or enterprise wide format, Pathway Studio is easy to use. Users can:

  • Find functional information on genes rapidly using wizards
  • Create new pathways from result of the molecule interaction databases in Pathway Studio or from imported gene lists
  • Leverage the 2000+ curated pathways to help develop hypotheses

Download the Pathway Studio Fact Sheet (PDF, 1.2 MB)

  • Ask complex questions such as which proteins are secreted, and how to cancer cells evade detection from the immune system
  • Find drugs that modulate newly identified targets, and more

Example applications of Pathway Studio

Drug Repurposing - Pahtway Studio | Elsevier

Drug repurposing

Drug repositioning or repurposing accounts for approximately 30% of drugs and vaccines recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Find out how Pathway Studio can help with this process.

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NGS analysis - Pahtway Studio | Elsevier

NGS analysis

Next Generation Sequencing technology use is expanding rapidly and accelerating the identification of rare disease-causing genes. Read more about how Pathway Studio can help you make sense of NGS data.

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Power of Content - Pahtway Studio | Elsevier

Power of content

Not all important scientific facts are found in article abstracts. Discover the importance of reading full-text articles, and how Pathway Studio can help you find what you’re missing.

Read the full study (PDF, 664.0 KB)

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Antibody-drug Conjugates

Antibody-drug Conjugates - Drug Discovery & Development, Pathway Studio |Elsevier Solutions

In the developing area of immunotherapeutics, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are able to deliver a drug directly to a disease site for therapeutic effect.
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The power of two

The power of two - Drug Discovery & Development, Pathway Studio |Elsevier Solutions

In the developing area of immunotherapeutics, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are able to deliver a drug directly to a disease site for therapeutic effect.
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Solution story

Identifying the most promising drug target - Drug Discovery & Development, Pathway Studio |Elsevier Solutions

Identifying the most promising drug target

Many drugs fail due to poor efficacy in large populations or toxicity issues. Drug candidate optimization cannot completely overcome these issues if they stem from choosing a target with limited prevalence or with high probability of side effects.
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