Experimental data and disease models at the heart of biological research

Disease and biomarker research relies on exhaustive literature searches to find all of the reported targets, protein-protein interactions or mutations of interest. In this case study, we look at how a customized, searchable database of all reported somatic mutations could be created to support cancer  research.

The first step in identifying and validating potential drug targets, biomarkers, or understanding disease progression and response to treatments is to get a complete picture of the underlying processes driving the biology. Our solution provides easy access to published information about key biological  functions, processes and interactions, helping researchers build a model of their system of interest.

Biomarker Reasearch – Pathway Studio

Drug Repurposing:

Drug repositioning or repurposing accounts for approximately 30% of drugs and vaccines recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Find out how Elsevier’s solution for disease biology can help with this process.

Read the full study about Drug Repurposing (PDF, 601kb)

NGS analysis:

Next Generation Sequencing technology use is expanding rapidly and accelerating the identification of rare disease-causing genes. Read more about how Elsevier’s solution for disease biology can help you make sense of NGS data.

Read the full study about NGS analysis (PDF, 358kb)

Automated vs Manual Curation:

The vast majority of scientific data is still published in journal articles – more than 1 million new publications each year. Discovery how Elsevier’s solution for disease biology can help you find what you need for your research.

Read the full study about Automated vs Manual Curation (PDF, 599kb)

Power of Content:

Not all important scientific facts are found in article abstracts. Discover the importance of reading full-text articles, and how Elsevier’s solution for disease biology can help you find what you’re missing.

Read the full study about Power of Content (PDF, 664kb)

Customer Quotes

Pathway Studio helped me build collaborations and identify cellular processes underlying the observed changes in my transcriptomics results
Source: David Horvath, Principle Investigator, US Department of Agriculture  
I saved a lot of time and effort with Pathway Studio since I can just input my list of genes and and get the gene interaction between these genes, and I can always manipulate the conditions and filters to suit my study.
Source: Aravind Tallam, Graduate Student, Universitie Du Luxembourg
Understanding better the molecular mechanisms of these diseases will bring new effective drug candidates, as well as molecular markers for early warning for incoming problems   Source: Danail Bonchev, Professor of Mathematics, Director of Research in Bioinformatics at CSBC Computational Biology, Virginia Commonwealth Universityy