Order Set Services

Tailored Implementation Services

Elsevier believes a focus on practice and workflow change is critical to the rollout of Order Sets, as well as in achieving your goals for ongoing order set management and improvements.

Order Set Team

The Order Set Team

Elsevier Order Sets implementation service teams are led by clinicians and informaticists with deep knowledge of the order set space, working in parallel with experts in software deployment. We will work with you to develop a tailored and structured approach to ensuring your organization is prepared for, and ready to embrace, the practice and workflow changes associated with the implementation of Order Sets.


This process starts with a readiness assessment to help gain an understanding of your organization’s culture and operations. Subsequent phases are:

Pre-implementation services

  • Executive alignment and engagement
  • Governance review and improvement
  • Assessment of current order set creation and usage processes
  • Implementation planning and work plan development
  • Development of communication strategies and templates
  • Order set style guide review and development support
  • Order set and order items catalog review and improvement support
  • Order set development process / workflow
  • Order set design sessions and advice (including support of trial projects)

Implementation services

  • Project management support
  • Super-user / user training and engagement for the Order Sets management system and content


  • Ongoing order set development, usage assessment and optimization
  • Post-implementation assessmen