Order Sets

An Intuitive, Cloud-Based Solution

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Author, review and manage order sets in a collaborative environment

Case Study

How Elsevier helped University of Kentucky HealthCare® bring order to their order sets

University of Kentucky HealthCare struggled with an inefficient order set management process. Today, UKHC creates order sets in a fraction of the time, and workflow and management has significantly improved for all users.

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What makes Order Sets unique

Adaptive terminology platform with export/import capabilities that enables seamless EHR integration and simplification of the order set process.

A management system that incorporates your institution’s preferred vocabulary and localizes to your formulary for immediate adoption and efficiency.

Easy-to-find, high-value content that combines orderable items with decision support guidance, supporting evidence and relevant updates.

Tailored implementation services to prepare your organization for the practice and workflow changes associated with the implementation of Order Sets.

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