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Protect your assets from corrosion with multidimensional corrosion tools and resources

The annual cost of corrosion is US $2.5 trillion globally (NACE Impact Study). Safeguard your equipment and infrastructure from corrosion with Knovel Corrosion. Smart tools and high-quality content extend your team’s ability to mitigate the impact of corrosion. Foundational corrosion knowledge and corrosion deep data meet a wide range of information needs.

Knovel Corrosion’s unique coverage spans metals, plastics and coatings, opening up new options to:

  • Increase asset integrity and plant efficiency
  • Reduce downtime and testing rounds
  • Improve safety and lower operational risk
  • Conduct failure analysis and develop mitigation plans

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Knovel Corrosion users say …

Lab testing takes time and is hard to validate; the more data available the better and this tool is very useful.

Found critical information to support materials selection for sulfuric acid manufacturing, the specificity of the data was invaluable.

Knovel Corrosion tools

Reduce the impact of corrosion using Knovel Corrosion to inform materials selection, mitigation approaches and repair strategies. Flexible tools help you find the information you need quickly — a must-have when downtime can incur heavy daily losses.

Find materials and check compatibility with the ability to filter by conditions.

Material compatibility with various metals, plastics and coatings.

Note: This screenshot shows compatibility with various metals. This functionality is also available for plastics and coatings.

With the interactive interface for material discovery:

  • Search across all materials and exposure media in one view
  • Filter by concentration and temperature
  • Share reports and insights with colleagues
  • Get added context with links to material data sheets, thermodynamic properties and safety data

Get field-tested responses to corrosion for a variety of materials.

Screenshot of corrosion data - Corrosion Atlas case studies

Learn from hundreds of corrosion case studies, where you can:

  • Target relevant examples by system, part and media/attack type
  • Compare cases against actual plant conditions, including corrosion remediation recommendations
  • Stay current with emerging corrosion issues as new cases are added

Identify specific corrosion rates via hundreds of isocorrosion graphs.

Knovel graph on H2SO4 concentration

With interactive isocorrosion graphs you can:

  • Supplement industrial data sources with more conditions that affect corrosion
  • Extract corrosion-specific concentration and temperature data
  • Identify outlier conditions that affect corrosion performance

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A pulp processing mill is experiencing stress corrosion cracking problems in the steam nozzles of an older digester made of reinforced stainless steel. The process uses sulfuric acid to break down the wood fibers. The plant wants to identify more resistant replacement materials for the steam nozzles. See how the user identifies new materials of interest, and their relative, conditional corrosion rates with Knovel Corrosion.

Discover how they explore remediation recommendations by quickly finding relevant case studies.

Corrosion content

The comprehensive content coverage of Knovel Corrosion helps companies make better informed decisions in managing corrosion. Content comes from top sources including leading associations, publishers and manufacturers.

This collection of corrosion content is unique in its coverage of metals, plastics and coatings – multiplying your approach and remedy options.

Add Knovel Corrosion to the hundreds of technical references for corrosion management within Knovel. (Note: Images below include screen crops from Knovel Corrosion and case studies.)

Deep data in Knovel Corrosion

Case studies filter in Knovel Corrosion

1300+ real-world case studies

providing practical approaches to managing corrosion

Image for ABS corrosion

5.1M+ plastic and elastomer degradation datapoints

for 1,200+ plastics and elastomers against 5,000+ exposure media

Image for metals corrosion

2.5M+ corrosion-related data points

for 200+ metals against 1,200+ exposure media and mixtures

Image for epoxy polyamide coating

100s of commercially available coatings

for substrates and applications

Image for H2SO4 isotope corrosion

348 interactive isocorrosion curves

for insights into conditional impacts on corrosion rates

Foundational corrosion knowledge in Knovel (available separately from Knovel Corrosion)

Reference books

In-depth technical references from AMPP (formerly NACE), ASM, Wiley, Elsevier, EFC, CRC, the Nickel Institute and more

Datasheet icon 

Material data sheets with current material properties data and industry best practices

Datasheet icon 

Coatings data sheets from suppliers with details of impact on corrosion rates

Bar graph icon 

Interactive graphs and tables that enable on-the-spot analyses

Calculator icon 

Equations with worksheets, worked examples and built-in software to calculate online and export your calculation


Corrosion resource center

Materials selection >

Get expert insight into selecting materials for corrosion resistance, including Duplex Stainless Steels and nickel alloys.

Prevention and control >

Explore different methodologies and models for corrosion prevention and control, including corrosion control in the oil and gas industry.

Selecting materials for corrosion resistance


Duplex stainless steels — where to use them and where not to use them
Gary Coates, P.Eng., Nickel Institute

60 minutes, presented June 8, 2021

Material covered in "Duplex stainless steels — where to use them and where not to use them"
welding of dissimilar metals

Duplex stainless steels — understanding their weldability
Gary Coates, P.Eng., Nickel Institute

60 minutes, presented June 22, 2021

Material covered in "Duplex stainless steels — understanding their weldability"
crevice locations and conditions

4 common mistakes when choosing a corrosion-resistant alloy
Dr. Graham Sussex, Nickel Institute

60 minutes, presented July 19, 2021

Material covered in "4 common mistakes when choosing a corrosion-resistant alloy"
Either oxidizing or reducing conditions

Using corrosion tables and isocorrosion curves to select alloy — what they don’t tell you!
Dr. Graham Sussex, Nickel Institute

60 minutes, presented September 8, 2021

Material covered in "Using corrosion tables and isocorrosion curves to select alloy — what they don’t tell you!"

Corrosion prevention and control

Get a free 50-page collection of corrosion content

Discover book chapters and reference materials that explore corrosion fundamentals, monitoring techniques and options for corrosion protection.

Get “Preventing and monitoring corrosion”

Preventing and monitoring corrosion thumbnail

5-M methodology for corrosion

Corrosion control in the oil and gas industry: How we do it around the world
Sankara Papavinasam, Ph.D., FNACE, FASTM (Fellow of NACE, Fellow of ASTM), CorrMagnet Consulting Inc.

40 minutes, presented Oct. 13, 2021

Material covered in "Corrosion control in the oil and gas industry"
repassivation and salt-layer

Computing corrosion: how far have we come?
Florin Bobaru, Professor and Hergenrader Distinguished Scholar of Mechanical Engineering in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

23 minutes, presented on October 13, 2021

Material covered in "Computing corrosion: how far have we come?"
NPL UK Corrosion Service Helpline

How the NPL UK National Corrosion Service Helpline supports customer inquiries
John Fletcher, FICorr (Hons), CSci

27 minutes, presented October 13, 2021

Material covered in "How the NPL UK National Corrosion Service Helpline supports customer inquiries"
galvanic corrosion

Replacing the Galvanic Series with MIL-STD-889D
Alan Rose

55 minutes, presented July 2020

Material covered in "Replacing the Galvanic Series with MIL-STD-889D"

Industries and users

Knovel Corrosion helps you learn about corrosion, conduct failure analyses and determine corrective actions. The tools and resources can be applied across a range of industries, including – but not limited to – oil and gas, chemicals, and equipment design and construction.

Your engineers, scientists, technicians and manufacturing, operations and EHS managers can actively mitigate corrosion across the organization. The tools and resources are useful on multiple levels. A generalist can increase their awareness and skill in corrosion management. Experts find the deep data they need to do thorough corrosion analyses and develop mitigation strategies.

Increase your team’s corrosion proficiency and collaboration with Knovel Corrosion.

Picto illustration for engineers and industries

By prioritizing corrosion management, you can have a significant impact on your profit margin, EHS and reputation. Get Knovel Corrosion to:

  • Gain real-world insights and practical approaches to corrosion mitigation
  • Generate data-driven recommendations from multi-material corrosion coverage
  • Collaborate across the organization to eliminate corrosion blind spots, lower costs and improve safety

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