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Accelerate foundational knowledge, build expertise & better prepare students for careers in engineering

As a publisher-neutral platform, Knovel helps engineering students explore foundational literature with interactive tools and data for a deep and rich educational experience.

Knovel’s information and interactive tools provide real value to students.

— Lim Kong Meng , Head Librarian, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Knovel helps students save time, incorporate technical information into their work and expand their knowledge. Plus, using the same engineering resources and tools as professionals in the field allows students to be better prepared for a technology-driven workplace and highly competitive job market.

  • Single platform, many providers: Features content from the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), Wiley, Taylor & Francis, Elsevier and many more on a single platform
  • Support for funding and grant requests: Interdisciplinary breadth combined with Knovel’s intuitive user interface lets users conduct agile information searches, giving students an edge in constructing impactful research programs
  • A unique training environment for students: With dynamic content, trusted references, scientific literature and industry best practices, students can develop capabilities in information literacy, integrating multiple knowledge streams and creative problem-solving, preparing them for their careers ahead
  • Early exposure to industry: Engage and equip students with applied engineering and research skills that extends knowledge and productivity

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quote, University of Arkansas - Knovel | Elsevier

Unlike web search engines, Knovel always finds information from reliable technical resources…you don’t have to pore through…questionable options.

Patricia Kirkwood, Associate Librarian, University of Arkansas (USA)

9,000+ collected sources

Literature from more than140 of the world’s most trusted engineering sources

subject categories

million data points

universities & research institutions worldwide

Knovel provides broad coverage of engineering topics from sources across disciplines and industries.


  • Actionable data for the analysis and selection of materials and substances
  • Interactive data and analytical tools for direct problem solving and validations
  • Powerful search capabilities and taxonomy-based filters to get targeted results
  • Mobile access and connections with engineering software and from other information discovery platforms
  • Intuitive query builder to find extensive properties of specific materials


How Knovel can support your goals

We offer flexible subscription options, fully compliant usage reports, and customer support and resources to help librarians like you in your mission of promoting curiosity, knowledge and student success.

  • Flexible subscription options to meet any size of institution or program
  • Usage, analytics & reporting capabilities to ensure you get the most out of your Knovel subscription
  • Customer resources & product support including LibGuides, onboarding and technical information, on- and off-campus access options, and product support via chat, telephone and email


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