Custom Patient Education Manager

The easy way to streamline access to your content and ensure consistent patient education

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CPEM screenshot of custom contentEducate with custom content

Having patient education that’s unique to your organization and  accessible within your care workflow can help clinicians deliver consistent education across your healthcare system.

However, organizing and consolidating that content and ensuring it’s available across the care team can be a challenge.

With Custom Patient Education Manager, you can:

  • Upload one or more documents at a time
  • Save your organization’s proprietary content in a single location
  • Ensure patients receive the most current information
  • Easily access content through your EHR, alongside Elsevier Interactive Patient Education, across care settings

Key features

EHR integration
Content is accessible directly through your EHR and available across care settings, alongside Elsevier Interactive Patient Education.

Searchable education
By adding clinical codes, such as ICD-10 and SNOMED, diagnosis-specific search makes it easy to find the most relevant patient education.

Simple setup, minimal training
The intuitive user interface makes it easy to upload existing patient education content. Since content is accessible within your existing clinical workflow, minimal training is required.

Avoid duplication
Built-in document version control helps you avoid duplication across care teams to ensure patients always receive the most current content.

Population-specific education
No one knows your patient populations - and their needs - like you. Custom Patient Education Manager allows you to incorporate content reflective of their needs and your approach to care, and ensure it’s consistent across care teams.