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Your pharmacy team’s role in the healthcare ecosystem is more critical and complex than ever. They have to understand new medications and breakthrough therapies while managing patients with complicated conditions and comorbidities. So, they need to consider numerous factors to make safe and effective drug decisions.

Elsevier’s Clinical Pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey is your single source of current, accurate drug information tailored to the pharmacist’s position in the care continuum. Using evidence-based content, your team will be able to quickly manage in-the-moment decisions—and research complex cases requiring in-depth investigation. They’ll be able to focus on each patient’s unique needs to support an optimal treatment experience and outcomes.

Your guide to safe and effective therapy

With Clinical Pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey, your pharmacists will be able to:

Guide safe, effective therapy for every patient – Clinical Pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey gives you in-depth drug information that’s updated continuously by specialized PharmD experts. And because this information is easy to locate, understand, and act on wherever you need it, your team will be able to make sound therapy decisions that reduce the chances for preventable adverse events and negative patient outcomes.

Be a trusted clinical advisor –With Clinical Pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey, you’ll have the actionable information your pharmacists need to be integral, trusted advisors to the broader healthcare team. With a continuous stream of curated relevant clinical content, they’ll uncover insights that help them make swift, confident treatment recommendations.

Clinical Pharmacology powered by ClinicalKey supports pharmacists with

  • Drug safety alerts and clinical updates published every hour, every day (including weekends and holidays)
  • Evidence-based, peer-reviewed content by PharmDs with expertise in their specific therapeutic areas
  • EHR integration for easy access at the point of care
  • Advanced search technology that allows for faster time to critical answers
  • Clinical Pharmacology Mobile for Apple and Android devices supplies convenient access in any setting

Clinical content

Key content includes drug monographs, custom reports, neonatal and pediatric specialty information, drug class overviews and more.

  • Drug Monographs: Detailed drug information for U.S. prescription drugs, herbal supplements, nutritional, vitamin and OTC products
  • Neonatal and Pediatric Specialty Information: Comprehensive content for premature neonates to adolescents; includes Harriet Lane Handbook
  • Patient Drug and Disease Education: Available in 21 languages; explanations, symptoms and treatments for thousands of diagnoses/diseases
  • Drug Class Overviews: To assist with formulary review and therapeutic substitution decisions
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