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New Assessment capabilities

Support students and faculty by enhancing the teaching and learning experience with tools tailored to develop and assess the medical knowledge of aspiring professionals.

The capabilities enable faculty to easily build and assign assessments in a way that supplements their curriculum. It also helps them to identify topics their students are struggling with through detailed performance dashboards and cumulative data. Faculty have the freedom to hand select
questions, building bespoke assessments based on the wide array of content and the needs of their class.

The capabilities enable students to supplement their learning by creating their own quizzes to address areas of weakness identified whilst using the platform or through standard examinations.

Foundation capabilities

Help medical students to learn smarter, with access to hundreds of acclaimed textbooks, powerful study tools and a library of video resources.

  • Full Medical Education catalogue Over 200 acclaimed textbooks covering 40 medical specialties, including Gray’s Anatomy for Students and Medical Physiology
  • Videos Over 850 associated videos ranging from practical demonstrations of anatomical dissections to instructional clinical examination examples
  • Images Over 85,000 images previously only available with each print title purchased, but now fully unlocked and discoverable for visual learning
  • Quick access summaries Over 1,500 quick access summaries distilling complex medical conditions into easy-to-understand synopses

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The interactive medical education platform equipped with learning tools to support both students and faculty.

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