ClinicalKey Student

Saves time

Students can assess, review and study in a single experience

Prevents information overload

Context-specific resources specifically for medical students when they need it

Confidence and performance

Students who need development can be quickly identified and provided tailored remediation

Offline access

Students can easily access textbook content both online and offline

Suits multiple learning styles

Variety of content types including videos, images & disease overviews

Equality of access

All students have access to the same range of materials

ClinicalKey Student at a glance:

  • Acclaimed textbooks covering medical specialties, including Gray’s Anatomy for Students and Medical Physiology
  • Quick access summaries of common diseases
  • Access to high-resolution images, unlocked and discoverable for visual learning​
  • Save Faculty and student time: Presentation maker tool​
  • Enhance lectures using copyright cleared images
  • Access to videos ranging from practical demonstrations of anatomical dissections to instructional clinical examination examples​

Bring ClinicalKey Student to your institution

The interactive medical education platform equipped with learning tools to support both students and faculty.

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The ClinicalKey Student Hub

For tips and video resources to help you study smarter with ClinicalKey Student.

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