Care Planning Ambulatory

Clinical workflow tools and care plan guides focusing on chronic care and wellness

Patient-centered, longitudinal care

Guided by the individual patient needs, Care Planning Ambulatory provides evidence-based clinical workflow tools and care plan guides focusing on chronic care and wellness, supporting transitions and care coordination across the continuum.

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Supports coordinated care delivery

Elsevier’s Health Informatics team will provide implementation services to ensure successful integration of the Elsevier content into your EHR

Care plans

Over 30 adult and pediatric evidence-based care plans focused on wellness and chronic disease management

patient centered assessment

Patient-centered comprehensive health assessment to enable patient driven goal setting

Longitudinal care

One longitudinal patient-centered plan of care that is shared and viewable by the entire care team

EMR integration

Seamlessly integrated into the workflow of your EMR

Framework for Longitudinal Care

Poorly coordinated care transitions from the hospital to other care settings costs providers billions per year. Learn how longitudinal care plan guides and workflow tools can make a significant impact.

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