How your organization can benefit

Coordinated, standardized care across the continuum

  • Ensure smooth, timely transitions for patients across care venues
  • Decreased variations in care across providers and settings
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of care and patient satisfaction

Applied evidence-based practice

  • Access to most current, comprehensive evidence-based content
  • Provides evidence-based guidance for actionable interventions and critical thinking
  • Engages clinicians in clinical scholarship

Achievement of regulatory and compliance goals

  • Mapped to national standardized terminologies
  • Alignment with national regulatory accreditation standards (Joint Commission, Magnet etc.)
  • Enables analytic capabilities with standard content that supports quality metrics

Operational efficiencies

  • Save time and resources for developing and maintaining evidence-based care planning content
  • Reduce IT resources needed for integration into your EHR
  • Implementation support for system and end user adoption