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Step forward: STATdx - Dr. Jose Antonio Parra Blanco, University of Cantabria (Spain)

Dr. Jose Antonio Parra Blanco, University of Cantabria Spain

August 9, 2022

Please briefly describe who you are and your institution.

I am Dr. Jose Antonio Parra Blanco, Professor of Radiology and Physical Medicine at the University of Cantabria, Spain.

What problem were you attempting to solve with the introduction of STATdx?

In today’s world, no one doubts that medical imaging together with clinical findings and laboratory tests, are a key element in the management of the patient. Therefore, during their learning period, students need to become familiar with basic radiological anatomy and semiology, the typical imaging findings of different diseases, and the rational use of different techniques. Applications that allow the student and the teacher to meet these objectives are very useful.

What are the greatest benefits you have experienced since introducing STATdx?

Being able to allow students “full time” access to a very extensive database of radiological images of proven quality, accompanied by clinical and pathological data, suggestions for differential diagnosis, and updated bibliographic references.

The images are also commented on, and the most important aspects are highlighted; something without a doubt is very useful for them.

If you could share any insights with your fellow healthcare professionals as to how STATdx is helping you in your current day-to-day experiences, what would they be?

Within our university, one of the main teaching objectives is to stimulate self-learning. Preparing students for medical practice not only implies providing them with specific knowledge but they must also be provided with tools that allow them to independently solve specific problems and promote continuous education. In medical education, reliable tools that facilitate learning and problem-solving are welcome.

Therefore, the teaching materials provided by STATdx are very helpful. The graphics and images can be used to prepare lectures and practice and act as a tool to promote the student’s work by proposing tasks and elaborating on clinical cases.

Due to COVID-19, confinement has forced education departments to train entirely online. Do you think that tools such as STATdx could support alternative training – mixed face-to-face and online - effectively?

Without a doubt, STATdx is a tool that can help in the training of the student in circumstances like the one we have experienced. In our case, we observed in some courses an increase in its use during this period.

Step forward: STATdx - Dr. Jose Antonio Parra Blanco, University of Cantabria (Spain)

Step forward: STATdx - Dr. Jose Antonio Parra Blanco, University of Cantabria (Spain)

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