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Step forward: PATHPrimer - Dr. Antonio Hugo Campos, Rede D’or Hospital (Brazil)

Dr. Antonio Hugo Campos, Rede D’or Hospital (Brazil)

August 9, 2022

Please briefly describe who you are:

I am a Pathologist at Rede D’or Hospital and D’Or Institute in Brazil, coordinator of the Pathology medical residencies and improvement programs.

What’s the primary reason you would recommend PATHPrimer?

The new platform makes it possible to study and test knowledge more efficiently and access scientific information that contributes to career advancement in one of the most important specialties in Brazil, one of the most promising countries in diagnostic medicine in the world.

We have a philosophy of empowering residents with the most advanced resources so that they can learn and study autonomously, in parallel with formal classes. The PATHPrimer platform serves this purpose well. The platform also enables the evaluation of knowledge acquired from examinations, case studies, reference imaging, and diagnostic solutions for anatomical and clinical pathology.

Why is it important in your daily clinical activity to have access to diagnostic support tools?

Among the many benefits for Pathology, these diagnostic support tools help standardize reports by compiling the best scientific evidence, facilitating the comparison between past exams, and guiding conduct in the interaction between the clinical pathologist and the requesting physician. In addition, up-to-date and reliable scientific information, selected by qualified curators in each area and with access to original texts, meets one of the great challenges of contemporary professionals: keeping up with the frantic pace of new discoveries in health.

We use all of Elsevier’s tools in an integrated way for consultations on pathological diagnoses of more complex cases. ClinicalKey provides up-to-date research in the areas which intersect, as we often need to cross-reference radiological, laboratory, and clinical information.

The subscription to PATHPrimer expands Elsevier’s set of digital solutions contracted by Rede D’Or Hospitals: the ImmunoQuery, ExpertPath, and ClinicalKey platforms.

How are Rede D’Or Hospitals & D’Or Institute developing using Elsevier’s diagnostic support tools?

Investment in its own research, which the improvement program is responsible for at the D’Or Institute, has been expanded to also serve the area of molecular diagnosis. This area has been evolving rapidly in recent years with its high sensitivity and rapid detection techniques of genetic, haematological, infectious, and neoplastic diseases. It is a synergy between the diagnostic area and the research area. If things work out, both areas win: research can generate new tools for diagnosis and diagnostics to help in carrying out new research.

Another initiative of Rede D´Or is the Digital Pathology project. It involves a major renovation of the group’s laboratory, which for five years has integrated all the group’s units in São Paulo, mainly the São Luiz Jabaquara Hospital, which houses it, in the south zone of São Paulo. In addition to the network’s pathology professionals, the laboratory has a specialized team of molecular biology, chemical biology, and pathology technicians to meet the demand for approximately 35,000 tests per month, which include surgical pathology, cytopathology, hematology and blood cytometry, Waaler Rose test, immunohistochemistry, and molecular pathology.

D’Or Network elects PATHPrimer to support Digital Pathology project and become the largest genome laboratory in Latin America

Step forward: PATHPrimer - Dr. Antonio Hugo Campos, Rede D’or Hospital (Brazil)

Step forward: PATHPrimer - Dr. Antonio Hugo Campos, Rede D’or Hospital (Brazil)

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