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Step forward: ClinicalKey - Sergio Murilo Silva (Brazil)

Sergio Murilo Silva, Brazil

August 9, 2022

Please briefly describe your role within your organization.

My name is Sergio Murilo Silva, I am a medical student at the School of Health Sciences in Brasília, Brazil. I am currently interning at the base hospital in the Federal District, in the emergency room.

What are your key challenges in accessing evidence-based information in your daily role?

As in any emergency room, in one moment everything can be calm, and in another, a patient with severe shock, for example. The unpredictable environment and possible situations mean that professionals must always be up-to-date in dealing with a variety of emergencies. Before the hospital made ClinicalKey available to us, access to quality information was not that easy.

From your perspective, what are the main benefits of using ClinicalKey?

ClinicalKey is of immense utility due to the variety of books and scientific articles it offers. In addition, a decisive factor is the practicality of having quality, respected and reliable information in your pocket.

Do you think ClinicalKey has improved your ability to improve clinical decision-making? How and in which area?

In the emergency room, you need to be up to date on emergencies in many fields/specialties. I believe that ClinicalKey has improved my decision-making ability because it always has information on the most varied areas.

In addition, since there is no need to waste time opening heavy physical books, I am able to provide quality care to patients much more efficiently

Please tell us about anything you now do differently as a result of using ClinicalKey, to benefit that of yourself and of the patient?

The main difference that I noticed when I started using ClinicalKey was the improvement in quality and ease of access to available information. Knowing that I can count on medical information based on evidence and updated on my smartphone, whenever necessary, at any time, is very convenient.

Step forward: ClinicalKey - Sergio Murilo Silva (Brazil)

Step forward: ClinicalKey - Sergio Murilo Silva (Brazil)

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