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Dr. Bülent Altun, Hacettepe University, School of Medicine (Turkey)

Dr. Bülent Altun, Hacettepe University, School of Medicine, Turkey

August 9, 2022

What is your role and your institution?

I am Prof Dr. Bülent Altun, Dean at Hacettepe University, School of Medicine, Turkey.

What was life, like before you had ClinicalKey?

Searching literature before I used ClinicalKey was a very tough, time-consuming duty. I had to do a lot of surfing via the internet to find a specific answer to my questions. On the other hand, ClinicalKey picks up a wide variety of data sources such as books, journals as well as guidelines under the one umbrella that makes a researcher’s life easy.

What problem(s) were you attempting to solve with ClinicalKey?

I usually apply ClinicalKey for my research. In this term ClinicalKey is a unique source where I can access millions of articles only with one click. Sometimes I need to access a data source as fast as possible to make a decision about a complex patient. ClinicalKey’s application allows me to access many books, journals, guidelines via my smartphone.

What are the benefits that you’ve experienced since using ClinicalKey?

ClinicalKey contains many journals, books, videos and images in the field of medicine. Especially short videos are a very significant reference for undergraduate students. In addition, many important journals and specialty books are available in the archive of ClinicalKey. During COVID-19 days, there is a great need for online medical education, and the impact of ClinicalKey in our programs becomes more evident.

How do you use ClinicalKey in your day-to-day workflow?

I can access ClinicalKey quickly whenever I need to. Also, because I installed ClinicalKey’s’ application on my smartphone it is only one touch away.

If you had a colleague that was considering ClinicalKey, what would you tell them?

ClinicalKey contains important sources for both research scientists, postdoctoral fellows as well as residents. Therefore, I would strongly recommend to all institutes to keep ClinicalKey accessible within their online libraries.

Dr. Bülent Altun, Hacettepe University, School of Medicine (Turkey)

Dr. Bülent Altun, Hacettepe University, School of Medicine (Turkey)

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