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Dr. Anne Osborn’s STATdx resources

August 19, 2023

Dr. Anne G. Osborn is an internationally recognized lecturer and acclaimed professor of neuroradiology noted around the world for helping establish the field of neuroradiology, and contributing valuable knowledge about the head, neck, spine, and the central and peripheral nervous system. She is regarded as one of the world’s most prominent neuroradiologists.

Here’s what Anne Osborn has to say about STATdx

Watch Dr. Anne Osborn, MD, FACR discuss an emergency room case involving an 8-year-old boy that was experiencing intracranial pressure.

Dr. Anne G. Osborn

Anne Osborn

Watch an excerpt from Dr. Anne Osborn’s ‘Brain in Flame’ Masterclass at ECR 2019. This Masterclass was a case-based presentation followed by a live demonstration of how a clinical decision support tool can support radiologists.

Dr. Anne Osborn in front of radiology screens

Brain in Flame MasterClass ECR 2019 excerpt