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Podcast: Bridging the Readiness Gap in Nursing Education

| 50 min read

In this insightful episode, host Danielle LeCompte and guests Cheryl Wilson and Nikole Hicks delve into the critical issue of the readiness gap in nursing education, discussing the alarming statistic that only 9% of nursing graduates are practice-ready despite passing the NCLEX®. The conversation explores the evolution towards competency-based education, the implementation of Elsevier’s Clinical Practice Readiness Assessment (CPRA), and the collaborative efforts needed between educational institutions and clinical settings to enhance the preparation and confidence of nursing students. This episode is a must-listen for educators seeking strategies for preparing practice-ready nurses.

Bridging the readiness gap in nursing education title card

Bridging the Readiness Gap

Our Nursing Education Insights podcast brings you the latest from leading nursing education experts

In the Nursing Education Insights podcast, our nurse educators, bestselling authors, and Elsevier partners provide helpful strategies and practical guidance as we decode and discuss today’s teaching and learning challenges including the use of predictive analytics to measure student success, how to teach students empathy as they assess patients in simulation, and key factors in writing your own NGN style questions.

Our Podcast Hosts

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Nurse Educator


headshot Nikole Hicks


Nikole Hicks, PhD, RNC, CNE

Northern Oklahoma College