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Male External Genitalia
Urogenital System

Male External Genitalia

Organa genitalia masculina externa

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The external organs of the male genitalia include the penis and scrotum.

The penis is a male sex organ, reaching full size during puberty. The penile shaft contains the erectile bodies of the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum, the penile urethra, blood vessels, and nerves. The penis is involved in copulation, which culminates in the ejaculation of semen, that contains sperm for fertilizing the female oocyte. The penis also functions in micturition (the act of passing urine out of the body).

The scrotum is a pouch-like structure that hangs posterior to the penile shaft. It houses the two internal testes, which are responsible for sperm production. The scrotum is outside the pelvic cavity to ensure that temperature of the testes is approximately three to four degrees lower than the normal body temperature, which is optimum for sperm production.

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The scrotum is a septate pouch located in the urogenital region of the male perineum.

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