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Broad Ligament of Uterus (Left)
Digestive System

Broad Ligament of Uterus (Left)

Ligamentum latum uteri

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The peritoneum is a complex, continuous serous membrane consisting of a layer of mesothelium and varying degrees of connective and adipose tissue. Visually, it is largely unremarkable, smooth, and has a lubricated surface due to the presence of peritoneal fluid.

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Anatomical Relations

The broad ligament is present only in females and is formed by the draping of peritoneum over the reproductive organs (uterus, ovary, and uterine tubes). This results in a double layer of peritoneum that is closed superiorly (where it is folded) and open inferiorly and continuous with the urogenital peritoneum. A double layer of peritoneum results inferior to structures that do not extend to the pelvic floor.

The broad ligament extends from the lateral surface of the body of the uterus to the lateral pelvic wall, where it is continuous with the parietal peritoneum. The broad ligament has three recognizable components, including the mesometrium, mesosalpinx, and mesovarium, between which are enclosed the uterine tube, ovaries, ovarian ligament, round ligament, and vasculature to ovaries and uterus. The two layers forming the mesometrium diverge inferiorly, just superior to the cardinal ligament of the uterus, and at the point where the ureter crosses inferior to the uterine artery. The broad ligament acts as a barrier between the paravesical and pararectal fossae on each side.


The broad ligament assists in supporting the uterus and its associated structures, lubricating them from friction and acting as a conduit for the passage of neurovascular (Standring, 2016).

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