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Cartilaginous Joints of Vertebral Column
Connective Tissue

Cartilaginous Joints of Vertebral Column

Juncturae cartilagineae columnae vertebralis

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The cartilaginous joints of the vertebral column include the intervertebral symphysis, the lumbosacral symphysis, and sacrococcygeal joint.

The intervertebral symphysis exists between the vertebral bodies and consists of a intervertebral disc, a superior vertebral end plate, and a corresponding inferior vertebral end plate. The intervertebral disc is interposed between the two end plates and adheres to them between two adjacent vertebral bodies from the second cervical vertebra (C2) to the sacrum. The anterior margin of the intervertebral symphysis is attached the anterior longitudinal ligament, while its posterior margin is attached to the posterior longitudinal ligament.

The lumbosacral symphysis is the articulation points between the vertebral body of the fifth lumbar with the body of the first sacral vertebra. The two are interposed by a large intervertebral disc.

The sacrococcygeal joint is a symphysis between the apex of the sacrum and the base of the coccyx. It contains a small disc of fibrocartilage and it is reinforced by paired anterior, lateral, and posterior sacrococcygeal ligaments. This joint permits little movement. However, on occasion it may be synovial which permits a greater mobility.

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