Blending societal impact and research strategy – two experts explain what needs to change and why

Research 2030 podcast - Season 2, Episode 9

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In this episode, Director of AESIS Anika S. Duut van Goor and senior institutional capacity builder Toñi Caro, discuss the nuts and bolts of societal impact. They consider:

  • What it will take to build a true societal impact culture
  • Who can play a key role
  • The importance of patience and perseverance
  • The power of ambassadors of change

[For societal impact] you need the incentives, you need the policies, you need the skills, you need the people who are excited to move forward, you need the infrastructures… it is an all-encompassing way of working.

Anika S. Duut van Goor

Show notes

Societal impact &
sustainable development

Societal impact & sustainable development

Learn about what societal impact and the UN SDGs mean to your university and techniques to demonstrate your impact through your research.

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