1st International Conference on Nanotechnologies and Bionanoscience (NanoBio 2018)

The 1st International conference on Nanotechnologies and Bionanoscience (NanoBio 2018) – aims to capitalize on the rapid growing and interconnected fields of Nanotechnology and Bioscience, drawing in and providing an interdisciplinary forum for scientists and engineers from academia and industry. Among the main objectives is to discuss on the forefront of research and to address the theory, design and development of advanced materials and nanotechnologies in relation to the field of energy and health applications.

The conference comprises six workshops focusing on the development of novel nanomaterials, bionanosystems for tissue engineering and healthcare, innovative solar cells, nanophotonics, nanomedicine, bioelectronics and lab-on-chip systems. NanoBio 2018 will include world leading Invited Speakers together with experts and stakeholders from academia and industry. Their talks  will be a platform for innovation from early-career researchers, young investigators and entrepreneurs. We envisage that the conference will provide an ideal environment to develop new collaborations and opportunities to meet the experts and stakeholders of the rapidly growing fields of Nanotechnology and Bionanoscience. Looking forward to meeting you in Heraklion.


Aircraft Interiors Americas 2018
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Nanotechnology Crossing Borders

Do you want to boost your knowledge and get updated about the latest developments in nanotechnology? Join us during the second edition of the Nanotechnology Crossing Borders Event.

The topics of this year’s event focuses on:

  • Nanomaterials as catalysts for solar fuels
  • Nanomaterials for medical diagnostics and treatment

2018 Open Source Hardware Summit

The 2018 Open Hardware Summit will be held Thursday, September 27th, 2018 at MIT Stratton Student Center, Second Floor: Sala De Puerto Rico (W20-202) located at 84 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Open Hardware Summit is the annual conference of the 501c3 Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA). We aim to foster technological knowledge and encourage research that is accessible, collaborative and respects user freedom. OSHWA is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity and donations and sponsorships to OSHWA and the Summit are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Looking to coordinate with fellow attendees? Answers to questions related to the summit? Wondering what the summit community is like? Come join us at the OSHWA OHS forum here!


IBEX 2018
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Composites in Sport 2018
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Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH 2018)

The Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) is a diverse, global community working to enhance the sharing of open, scientific technologies. Apply to join us for our third annual meeting in Shenzhen, China, 10-13 October 2018!

Hardware forms a vital part of the scientific experimental process but unfortunately the current supply chain limits access and impedes creativity and customization through high mark-ups and proprietary designs. Open source hardware addresses part of this problem through sharing open designs for everything from microscopes and biomaterials to spectrometers and sensors.

What will happen at GOSH 2018?

GOSH 2018 in Shenzhen is our third annual meeting, convening a growing number of people around the world who are developing and using open hardware in the context of the wider movement for Open Science. We are bringing together up to 100 of the most active global thought leaders, developers, researchers, community convenors and other actors who can expand the reach of Open Science Hardware within academic research, citizen science and education.

Participants will join together as a community for four days to explore our 2018 theme ‘scaling hardware, growing community’. We will conduct a series of themed discussion groups, practical workshops and trips to local Shenzhen businesses that can offer lessons and support for scaling Open Science Hardware.

GOSH has potential to broaden who can do science and for what purposes in addition to improving quality and reproducibility of experimental observations. We invite you to be a part of the Gathering and the GOSH Community!


NuMat2018: The Nuclear Materials Conference

NuMat2018: The Nuclear Materials Conference

Abstract submission deadline 11 May 2018

The NuMat organizing committee wishes to announce the fifth meeting will be held at Motif Seattle, WA, USA from 14 – 18 October 2018. The fifth meeting follows our most successful NuMat, held in Montpellier in 2016, attracting nearly 500 delegates.

The nuclear materials conference, created in association with The Journal of Nuclear Materials, serves as an umbrella for international meetings on nuclear materials science related to fission and fusion reactors and the overall nuclear fuel cycle. NuMat 2018 will combine eight topic tracks in four parallel sessions, covering nuclear fuels, structural materials, molten salts and materials for waste management. There will be ten international keynote speakers, including the recipients of the Robert Cahn Award and the Journal of Nuclear Materials best paper award.


  • Thermodynamics and Thermal Properties of Nuclear Fuels
  • Structural and Functional Materials for Fission and Fusion Reactors
  • Modelling and Simulation of Nuclear Fuels
  • Modelling and Simulation of Structural Materials
  • Behavior of Materials during Severe Accidents and Accident Tolerant Fuels
  • Radiation Damage Processes in Materials and Complex Microstructures
  • Characterization of Irradiated Materials and Nuclear Fuels Materials for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

The organizers of NuMat encourage scientists involved in experimental and theoretical studies to participate in this conference, particularly in studies aimed at understanding fundamental properties of nuclear fuels and materials under irradiation.

We hope that you will join us in addressing the materials challenges in nuclear energy and we look forward to welcoming you to Seattle!


EuroPM2018 Congress and Exhibition

CAMX 2018
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Sustainable Materials for Transportation Expo
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Quantitative Analysis of Grain Size Course 2018

This course is aimed at materials scientists regularly measuring grain size either for process quality control or those researching the grain size development of metals and ceramics. There will be focus on sample preparation, microscopy, manual and automatic grain size measurement. It is intended that delegates leave with a much improved understanding of the correct techniques involved in obtaining reliable Grain Size determination. It will appeal to metallurgists in industry and manufacturing companies across a wide range of skill levels.


ITHEC 2018
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Advanced Engineering 2018
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Plastics Industry Show 2018
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International Conference on Chemical Sciences and Engineering: Advance and New Materials

The International Conference on Chemical Science and Engineering (ICCSE) 2018 is UniKL’s own homegrown conference organized by Chemical Technologist Society. Participants from universities, industry, governmental and non-governmental organizations and venture capital providers will present their views on recent research and application in areas related to science, engineering and technology. In this international conference, we aim to provide a platform for researchers to share and discuss research findings and build a research network. It will consist of local expert keynote speakers, invited lectures, and oral presentations by local and international experts. We expect to welcome about 100 local and international participants from over 10 countries.


JEC Asia 2018
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International Symposium on Composites Manufacturing ISCM 2018
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The Second International Online Web Based Conference on Eco-Sustainable Construction Materials (ICESCM-2)

Submission deadline of abstract extended: November 24, 2018

Submission deadline of full manuscript extended: November 25, 2018

Review and revise period: Until November 24, 2018

Notification of manuscript acceptance: November 24, 2018

*Registration information will be posted to the corresponding author after the manuscript submitted is accepted by international reviewers.

Exciting Topics

* Nanotechnology, 

* Green Binder Materials, 

* Composite for Infrastructure Renewal, 

* Performance related Testing for Composite, 

* Industrial By-Product for Green Binder, 

* Lightweight Composite, 

* Nanomaterials, 

* Reuse, 

* Recycle, 

* Saving energy, 

* Sustainability.