JEC Asia 2018
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International Symposium on Composites Manufacturing ISCM 2018
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The Second International Online Web Based Conference on Eco-Sustainable Construction Materials (ICESCM-2)

Submission deadline of abstract extended: November 24, 2018

Submission deadline of full manuscript extended: November 25, 2018

Review and revise period: Until November 24, 2018

Notification of manuscript acceptance: November 24, 2018

*Registration information will be posted to the corresponding author after the manuscript submitted is accepted by international reviewers.

Exciting Topics

* Nanotechnology, 

* Green Binder Materials, 

* Composite for Infrastructure Renewal, 

* Performance related Testing for Composite, 

* Industrial By-Product for Green Binder, 

* Lightweight Composite, 

* Nanomaterials, 

* Reuse, 

* Recycle, 

* Saving energy, 

* Sustainability.


The Second International Conference on Eco-Sustainable Construction Materials (ICESCM-2)

  • Nanotechnology, * Green Binder Materials,
  • Composite for Infrastructure Renewal,
  • Performance related Testing for Composite,
  •  Industrial By-Product for Green Binder,
  •  Lightweight Composite, * Nanomaterials, * Reuse,
  •  Recycle, * Saving energy, * Sustainability.

Submission deadline of full abstract: June 15, 2018

Submission deadline of full manuscript: October 13, 2018

Review and revise period: October, 15 - November 16, 2018

Notification of manuscript acceptance: November, 16-24, 2018


MRS Fall 2018

The 2018 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit is the key forum to present research to an interdisciplinary and international audience. It provides a window on the future of materials science, and offers an opportunity for researchers—from students and postdoctoral fellows, to Nobel and Kavli Prize Laureates—to exchange technical information and network with colleagues.

The 2018 MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, November 25-30, 2018.  All symposium sessions and non-symposia, broader impact events will be held at the Hynes Convention Center and adjacent Sheraton Boston Hotel.


4th Advanced Materials Conference 2018

Advanced materials is one of the most strategic technology areas of the future and is being given priority by Malaysian Government for further development of research and applications as stipulated in the National Industrial Master Plan. Due to the great potentials of advanced materials, many efforts have been directed towards collaborative research activities between organisations and industries, including meeting between experts, researchers and scientists from various backgrounds, so that the sharing of knowledge and updates on new advances in advanced materials can be realized, in order to have their desired impact.


6th International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials, Minerals & Environment (RAMM) 2018

The 6th International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials, Minerals & Environment (RAMM) 2018 which will be held in Penang, Malaysia from 27 - 29 November 2018. RAMM 2018 is periodically organised by the School of Materials & Mineral Resources Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia. This conference covers three main topics: Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, Innovations in Polymeric Materials, and Progress in Mineral Resources and Environment Science for Sustainable Development. It intends to provide an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary forum for materials and/or mineral researchers, engineers and educators to present and discuss their most recent innovations, trends and concerns, issues and challenges encountered with the solutions adopted in the field of sustainable development. With all the distinguished speakers and researchers from various parts of the world and various areas of research, the conference will be a perfect avenue to generate ideas, sharing knowledge and bridging network for collaborative research work.


Carbon Fiber 2018
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Metal Japan Expo 2018
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Shape Memory Applications, Research and Technology 2018

The upcoming conference called SMART which takes the first letter of Shape Memory Applications, Research and Technology. Under the theme of Shape Memory, it is an ART.  Under the initiative of Professor Andreas Lendlein in 2015 in Boston, the first SMART, namely SMART 2016, was held in Dallas, USA where all participants enjoyed the active knowledge exchange and intellectual interactions.


2018 2nd International Conference on Nanomaterials and Biomaterials

The study of all materials requires a multi-tool approach to analysing and characterising the material as well as its interactions and function. It is by using these orthogonal approaches that the best discoveries are made and data turns into knowledge for the benefit of the science. ICNB 2018 is organized after ICNB 2017 held in Amsterdam, Netherlands and it will bring together researchers from academia and industry with practitioners in materials characterisation, including instrument manufacturers and developers, to open dialogues about new approaches and technological innovation in the field of Nanomaterials and Biomaterials.


Carbontech 2018: The 3rd International Carbon Materials Conference & Exposition
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International Conference on Advanced Materials, Energy & Environmental Sustainability

ICAMEES-2018 would be an ideal platform for all International and National Scientists, Professors, Students, and Professionals from companies. There will be feature talks by eminent personalities from academics and industries on recent advances in the field of Materials Science Engineering and Technology, Energy, and Environmental Sustainability. It will anticipate more than 300 participants around the globe with thought Keynote lectures, Oral Presentations and Poster Presentations. This is an excellent opportunity for the delegates from Universities and Institutes to interact with the world class Scientists.

We encourage submission of papers for the following types of contribution: Oral presentation, Poster presentation, Company Presentations and Virtual Presentations. ICAMEES-2018 aims to proclaim knowledge and share new ideas amongst the professionals, industrialists and students from research areas of Advanced Materials, Energy, and Environmental Sustainability to discuss the current status and recent development in these areas.


ICERP 2019
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Automotive Weight Reduction Expo 2019
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TCT Japan 2019
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Nano Tech 2019
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Military Additive Manufacturing Summit & Technology Showcase

DSI’s 3rd Annual Military Additive Manufacturing Summit & Tech Showcase is designed as an educational and training “Town Hall” forum, where thought leaders and key policy-makers across military services, defense agencies, and civilian organizations can come together for actionable discussions and debate. The 2019 summit will focus on the technology and innovation needed to further develop additive manufacturing technology and current level of capability in order to deliver greater flexibility to the warfighter in deployed environments.


3rd International Conference On Recent Advances In Material Chemistry

The 3rd International Conference on Recent Advances in Material Chemistry (ICRAMC - 2019) is organized by Department of Chemistry, SRM Institute of science and Technology, Kattankulathur, Chennai in association with Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), France.  3rd ICRAMC-2019 will be held in SRM University campus, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India during 13-15 February 2019. Recent Advances in material Chemistry is a multifaceted topic dealing with the discovery and designing of new materials. Research in material Chemistry is vibrant and a breakthrough in material science would bring significant impact on future technology. 


Advanced Manufacturing Expo Anaheim 2019
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