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Advancing research evaluation in all fields of knowledge production.

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Our Mission

The mission of the ICSR is to cultivate the thoughtful use of metrics and indicators in research evaluation and to promote evaluation best practices. The ICSR is tasked with developing, characterizing and validating new and existing research metrics, indicators and research assessment practices; it also supports independent, external studies on topics within this scope.


What would you investigate using research metadata (including those that power Elsevier solutions such as Scopus and PlumX) and a powerful computational platform? ICSR Lab is free to use for scholarly research relating to the ICSR research themes.

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ICSR Research Themes

Our research themes were identified in close collaboration with the ICSR Advisory Board and encompass seven areas where new research can help drive positive change.

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The ICSR Advisory Board

The role of the Advisory Board is to provide the Center with robust, rigorous and contextual expert advice in the areas of research evaluation and research metrics and indicators.

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ICSR Perspectives

ICSR Perspectives is a series of short reports from the ICSR which aims to further the conversation, offer new perspectives and inform the research community on topics relating to research evaluation.

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The ICSR’s modus operandi will be to encourage the examination of research using arrays of metrics and qualitative and quantitative methods rather than favoring one-size-fits-all approaches. The proposed arrays will allow researchers and analysts to more effectively evaluate research on dimensions such as productivity, quality, and impact. The Center will draw on the interconnected disciplines of research evaluation, bibliometrics and scientometrics, science of science, science and technology studies, and science of team science. Through its work the Center will seek to further our understanding of the sociological, technological and cultural factors that underpin the conduct of modern research and how the interplay of these forces drive research progress.

The ICSR will be simultaneously: an open lab for the generation of hypotheses, a forum for mixing established evaluation expertise with fresh ideas, and a test center and assembly plant for the array of indicators and implementation best practices that will contribute to the growth of rigorous research evaluation practices. In this work it is supported by the ICSR Advisory Board, comprised of experts in research metrics, indicators and research assessment practices drawn from within and beyond Elsevier and selected to reflect a diversity of gender, geography, culture and research expertise.

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