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Tomi Laurila


Tomi Laurila

Aalto University, Finland

Presentation title: Insights into carbon nanofiber (CNF) (bio)electrodes and their application potential

Professor Tomi Laurila obtained his PhD in 2001 from Helsinki University of Technology, Finland. Currently he leads the Microsystems Technology research group at Aalto University, Finland. The group’s focus is on (i) the synthesis and analysis of various carbon nanomaterials, (ii) their electrochemical properties, (iii) applications in (bio)sensing, and on (iv) computational materials science. The group is especially interested in finding connections between the atomic level and macroscopic properties through a tight combination of experiments and multilevel simulations. Additionally, Tomi has served as a visiting professor at the Institute of Electrochemistry at the University of Alicante, Spain, and at the Neuroscience Center at the University of Helsinki.