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Conference speaker

Dongmei Wang


May Dongmei Wang

Director and Co-Director

Biomedical Big Data Initiative and Center for Bio-Imaging Mass Spectrometry, Georgia Tech, USA

Talk: Integrating Multimodality Data with AI for Predicting Alzheimer’s Disease Stage

Professor Wang received BEng from Tsinghua University China and MS/PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT). She is Wallace H Coulter Distinguished Faculty Fellow, professor of BME and ECE, Director of Biomedical Big Data Initiative, Georgia Distinguished Cancer Scholar, Petit Institute Fellow, Kavli Fellow, FIEEE, FAIMBE, and FIAMBE.

She researches Biomedical AI with Intelligent Reality for personalized, predictive, and precision health with 260+ referred articles, and delivered 270+ invited/keynote talks. She chairs IEEE-EMBS BHI-Technical Community and ACM SIGBio. She is Senior Editor of IEEE Journal of Biomedical & Health Informatics (IF=7.02), TBME-AE, RBME-AE, and a panelist for NIH CDMA study section, NSF Smart and Connect Health, and Brain Canada. She received GIT Outstanding Faculty Mentor and Emory University MilliPub Awards.