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Lijun Shang


Lijun Shang

London Metropolitan University, UK

Talk Title: Toward a collaborative, collective and integrative international biological security education

Dr Lijun Shang is a Professor of Biomedical Sciences at School of Human Sciences at London Metropolitan University (LMU), and he is also the founding director of Biological Security Research Centre at LMU. His research focuses mainly on ion channels in Health and Disease but have a broad interest in general biomedical sciences which are evidenced in his recent publications. He has published over 100 high impact journal papers and established a broad collaboration globally. Since 2015, he expanded his research interest into biochemical weapons and science convergence as he wished to incorporate studies of the social impact of the advances in the life sciences. Since 2020, Professor Shang has been leading a series of projects in the effort to provide a civil society input to the State Parties discussions of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC). Recently, he has been awarded a grant to develop an international biological security education network (IBSEN).