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Conference speaker

Krystyn Van Vliet


Krystyn Van Vliet

Vice President

Cornell Engineering, USA

Talk Title: Mechanical Aspects of Stem Cell

Krystyn J. Van Vliet serves as Cornell's Vice President for Research and Innovation. Her team connects the collaborative research communities at Cornell University's Ithaca, Cornell Tech, and Weill Cornell Medicine campuses with external funding, partnerships, and translation of research outcomes to societal impact.

Prior to joining Cornell in 2023, Van Vliet led MIT's Office for Strategic Alliances and Technology Transfer and research-related administration, as well as campus space planning. As faculty in materials science and biomedical engineering with expertise in the interplay between mechanical deformation and local chemistry, Van Vliet has led international research teams focused on interdisciplinary topics ranging from materials for energy storage to technologies for cell therapy manufacturing. She has also helped to catalyze national and regional manufacturing innovation and workforce development efforts, including public-private partnerships to strengthen biopharma manufacturing. Van Vliet has authored over 200 research articles and 10 patents, and is scientific founder of Artificial Axon Labs, a company developing 3D-printed platforms to discover medicines for neurodegenerative diseases. A recipient of the Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching, Van Vliet led co-development of the publicly available edX course, Making a Cell Therapy: Principles and Practices of Manufacturing.