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Conference speaker

Greg Miknis


Greg Miknis

Principal Scientist

Enveda Biosciences

Greg Miknis is currently serving as a Principal Scientist at Enveda Biosciences in Boulder, CO. As an experienced medicinal chemist, he leads the development efforts of pioneering treatments for gut-related diseases and plays a proactive role in expanding Enveda's ability to harness natural products as a starting point for modern drug discovery.

With an extensive background in medicinal chemistry, Greg's career journey encompasses a diverse range of roles across a variety of disease indications.  Before joining Enveda, he worked as a medicinal chemistry consultant to several organizations and held the position of Associate Director at the Colorado Center for Drug Discovery.  He also gained significant industry experience from his tenure at Abbott, Array and Machavert.

Greg's academic achievements include a PhD in organic chemistry from Colorado State University (Robert M. Williams). He furthered his academic pursuits as an American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellow under the guidance of Phil Magnus at UT Austin.

Overall, Greg Miknis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role, contributing significantly to the advancement of drug discovery and the field of medicinal chemistry.