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Conference speaker

Evelien Wynendaele


Evelien Wynendaele

Ghent University, Belgium

Keynote lecture: Green and Sustainable Pharmacy

Evelien Wynendaele obtained her PhD from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Ghent University) in 2014. She remained active in the DruQuaR lab as a postdoctoral fellow and continued the work related to the role of quorum sensing peptides in various diseases (colorectal cancer, sarcopenia, various mental disorders,…). Given her expertise in the field, she is also part of the TRIGG steering group ( in new tab/window), together with scientists and clinicians from Ghent University Hospital. In September 2023, she was appointed as a tenure-track assistant professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Analyses, Ghent University, where she continues focusing on the use of peptides as an important group of sustainable medicines.

In addition, prof. Dr. Evelien Wynendaele is also heavily involved in the organization and education of the International Master of Science in Sustainable Drug Discovery (S-DISCO), a master programme organized by 4 European universities, i.e. Ghent University, Medical University of Gdańsk, University of Lille and the University of Groningen.