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Conference speaker

Andjela Tomić


Andjela Tomić

TU Delft, Delft, Netherlands

Andjela earned a master’s degree in film from the prestigious University of Belgrade which provides a unique combination of expertise in both technology and the arts allowing her to bring a fresh perspective to her work, blurring the lines between science and art.

Born with a natural affinity for technology and an insatiable curiosity, Andjela has been continuously honing her skills as both a software and hardware developer. From an early age, she could be found tirelessly exploring the inner workings of devices, quite literally "born with a screwdriver" in hand. This early passion would serve as a solid foundation for her future endeavors. Throughout her extensive career, she has been a strong advocate of the DIY and Open Source movements. Embracing the ethos of collaborative creation, she have actively contributed to various open-source projects, sharing her knowledge and expertise with the global community. With a wealth of experience spanning several decades, she continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of technology. Her passion for innovation remains undimmed, and her contributions to the field continue to inspire the next generation of computer scientists and artists alike.