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Empower research impact & promote library resources

Explore resources for helping your researchers, students and faculty strengthen the impact of their work. Build awareness and usage of your Elsevier solutions with the aid of our promotional toolkits, LibGuides and Product Academies.

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Product Academies

Improve your skills and take the challenge! You can earn badges and certificates to showcase your knowledge.

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Elsevier LibGuides

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Confidence In Research: Researchers in the spotlight

In this age of generative AI and misinformation, it is crucial for researchers to be able to prioritize quality information, ensure transparency in their work and be equipped to communicate their findings with the public. Following our landmark 2022 study, we’re asking researchers to voice their experiences and needs about the challenges and opportunities around building Confidence in Research.

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Where should I publish? A library handout for researchers

From identifying potential journals based on your field and other criteria, to avoiding predatory journals, use this guide as an easy-to-read reference for your researchers.

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Library curriculum outside the classroom: Connecting library services to student learning

This article discusses the shift from service-oriented to learning-oriented librarianship, towards increasing alignment between library curriculum and institutions' education missions.

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Promotional toolkits

Download promotional toolkit resources to support your library outreach for the following products:

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