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34th International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials

1-5 September 2024 | Dresden, Germany

Abstract submission open for posters

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Join us for the 34th edition of the International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials

Learn from global experts who will share the latest advances in diamond, carbon nanotubes, and graphene and novel research on other carbon-based materials, such as carbon nitrides and 2D carbides (MXenes)

Share your latest research on diamond and carbon materials

Submit poster abstracts here

Abstracts are invited for posters on the following topics:

  • Synthesis and doping of diamond, carbon nanotubes, carbon nitrides, MXenes, graphene, etc.

  • Physical and chemical modification of carbon materials

  • Diamond devices for power electronics, optoelectronics and sensors

  • Quantum technology based on carbon and boron nitride

  • Energy harvesting (catalysis,…) and storage (supercaps,…) based on diamond, carbon nanotubes, carbon nitrides, MXenes, graphene, etc.

  • Defect engineering and colour centres

  • Carbon nanodots and particles

  • Theory and computational modelling of carbon materials

  • Carbon-based heterostructures with novel oxide, carbide, and nitride materials

  • Low temperature physics in carbon based materials

  • Carbon materials under pressure and/or in high magnetic fields

  • Device concepts using novel carbon materials for electronics, sensors, etc.

  • Composites based on carbon nanomaterials

  • (Bio)medical applications, drug delivery, and nanocarbon safety

Young Scholar Award ICDCM2024

The ICDCM2024 Young Scholar Award recognizes predoctoral researchers in the early stage of their career and wishes to offer them an opportunity to highlight their recent results on an international stage through a combination of oral and poster presentations. Apply here.

Early Career Research Award ICDCM2024

The ICDCM2024 Early Career Research Award recognises a postdoctoral researcher whose work, despite being in the early stage of his or her career, has already shown important impact in the field of diamond and carbon materials. The organisation wishes to offer the awardee the opportunity to highlight his or her achievements to date on an international stage through a plenary award presentation. Apply here.

Conference deadlines

Abstract submission (talks): 19 April 2024

Abstract submission (posters): Open

Young Scholar Award Applications: 19 April 2024

Early Career Research Award Applications: 24 May 2024

Early bird and author registration: 7 June 2024

Plenary talks from renowned speakers

Our invited prestigious speakers lead a topical programme supplemented by selected contributed oral presentations and poster sessions for which abstracts are invited.

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Discover and participate

Present your latest research as a poster

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Sponsors & Exhibitors

Choose from a variety of sponsorship and commercial options to raise your profile and position your company as a thought leader in the community.

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Diamond and Related Materialsse abre en una nueva pestaña/ventana is a leading international journal that publishes new fundamental and applied research on all forms of diamond, the integration of diamond with other advanced materials and development of technologies exploiting diamond. The synthesis, characterization and processing of single crystal diamond, polycrystalline films, nanodiamond powders and heterostructures with other advanced materials are encouraged topics for technical and review articles. In addition to diamond, the journal publishes manuscripts on the synthesis, characterization and application of other related materials including diamond-like carbons, carbon nanotubes, graphene, and boron and carbon nitrides. Articles are sought on the chemical functionalization of diamond and related materials as well as their use in electrochemistry, energy storage and conversion, chemical and biological sensing, imaging, thermal management, photonic and quantum applications, electron emission and electronic devices.

‘How to be a reviewer’ for Diamond and Related Materials Would you like to be considered as a potential reviewer for Diamond and Related Materials? Please visit Elsevier for Reviewers for further information. Alternatively, please visit the Elsevier booth whilst onsite at the conference, where you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

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DRM publishing seminar

The Editor in Chief of Diamond and Related Materials (DRM) Ken Haenen and Elsevier Publisher Kayla Dos Santos will hold a workshop to provide key insights on how to get your work published and how to review for the journal DRM. Current trends in materials science publishing including ethical best practices will also be given, with time for Q&A at the end.