Eliminate R&D data silos with Reaxys

And bring structure to your chemical data analysis.

When Lundbeck faced digitization challenges, they needed a fully-integrated chemical data solution

Researchers at H. Lundbeck A/S were not successfully leveraging chemical R&D insights due to the fragmented nature of company R&D data, with extensive chemistry knowledge in completely disconnected silos.

Lundbeck needed a solution that could incorporate and normalize internal data across multiple data formats and silos, with external data sources, to increase researcher effectiveness.

By partnering with Reaxys to create a single point of access that makes in-house data discoverable alongside Reaxys data, Lundbeck reduced data complexity and provided researchers with an effective chemistry research tool, leading to more efficient and effective research outcomes.

“The work with Reaxys has been extremely positive. We worked with the Elsevier team to provide a platform for all our scientists to access our internal and external data thus breaking the data silos.” —Dr. Ludovic Tranholm Otterbein, Director of Research Informatics & Operations at Lundbeck

Ready to combat your data silos? Reaxys can help you:

  • Reduce pharma and chemical data complexity to boost efficiency – connect in-house and external data via a single point of access
  • Remove data silos to identify new opportunities – leverage insights from both successful and unsuccessful experiments
  • Increase researcher performance through effective information tools – utilize cheminformatics tools to drive better research outcomes

What’s worked for Lundbeck, may work for you.

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