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The deadline for the submission of abstracts has now passed.

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Conference topics

  • Insights into components in foods This theme covers nutrients, bioactive compounds, allergens, flavour/taste/aroma profiles in foods (including novel food ingredients), considering sensory aspects, consumer perception, authenticity and traceability, and microbial biotechnological approaches aiming to improve food safety or potential health benefits.

  • New, rapid, or green methods for food chemistry This theme includes analysis of components in foods or novel ingredients using new and/ or rapid method or innovative applications; metrology for food analysis; methods for determining roles of foods and/or food components in human health using omic technologies and/or system biology.

  • Effects of processing on food chemistry including novel delivery systems and packaging

    This theme includes the impact of novel processing, delivery and packaging approaches including food matrix reformulation and food coatings on food quality and safety, stability and bioavailability of nutrients and bioactives, and prevention of zoonosis.

  • Valorisation of food co-products This theme includes approaches for reducing food waste and exploitation of food waste/ co-products or under-utilised biomaterials leading to improved sustainability of food chain(s).

  • Food chemistry: Fate in food foods and humans This topic includes studies involving information technologies, in vitro/in vivo experimental and mathematical/computational models, and risk assessment and communication of food components, as related to metabolism in humans, residues in food products, toxicology, modelling and simulation.

Poster topics

  1. New and rapid analysis and/ or detection methods including molecular pathways - this would include elaboration of bioactives in foods, composition and behaviour in foods, and uptake in model systems or humans after consumption

  2. Effects of novel/green processing and environmental conditions on foods and food compounds

  3. Valorisation of food co-products and minimising losses and waste in food production

  4. Material science including innovative edible films, coatings, and dynamic packaging of foods

  5. Information technologies, modelling systems, and computation methods  - this includes modelling bioactives in foods/ compounds and their impact on human health

  6. Labelling, authenticity and traceability

  7. Components in foods - this includes nutrients, bioactives including protein, allergens, contaminants, and toxicants

  8. Food safety and sustainable food systems

  9. Novel nano-/micro-delivery systems and food structures/systems

  10. Food omics - methods and outcomes in foods or humans

You can submit as many abstracts to the conference for review as you would like. If, after the review by the committee, you have more than one paper accepted for the conference, you will need to register to attend and pay an additional paper fee for each additional paper (i.e., for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th papers – not the 1st). Please note this is for papers that you are the presenting author of, not papers that you are co-author of.

All abstracts will be reviewed by the organizers to ensure that the topic of the submission is consistent with the scope of the topics covered at the symposium. A condition of submission is that, if accepted, the poster and/or talk will be presented at the conference by one of the authors who must pay the appropriate registration fee to attend. Successfully submitted abstracts will be acknowledged with an electronic receipt including an abstract reference number, which should be quoted in all correspondence.

For revisions or queries regarding papers already submitted

If you do not receive acknowledgement for your abstract submission or you wish to make any essential revisions to an abstract already submitted, please do not resubmit your abstract, as this may lead to duplication. Please email the Conference Content Executiveopens in new tab/window with details of any revisions or queries. Please quote your reference number if you have one.

Please do not email credit card information under any circumstances.

Special issue

We are pleased to announce that selected papers from the conference will be published in a Virtual Special Issue in the journals Food Chemistryopens in new tab/window and Food Chemistry Xopens in new tab/window. We will open up the issues for submissions in September 2023 and the final deadline for submissions will be 31 March 2024.

We look forward to receiving your contribution to the conference issue.