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Who we are: Meet the Professional Services team

Elsevier Professional Services is a global team of practice leaders and project managers with backgrounds in data science, informatics, pre-clinical research, and clinical development. As experts in scientific domains, industry-standard taxonomies and the manual curation of content, the team is committed to accelerating science and improving health through industry partnerships and Elsevier-sponsored research efforts.

Practice leaders

Headshot of Eric J. Gilbert


Headshot of Maria Shkrob


Maria Shkrob

Consultant, Professional Services

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Headshot of Frederik van den Broek


Frederik van den Broek

Senior consultant, R&D Solutions

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Headshot of Anton Yuryev


Anton Yuryev, PhD

Consulting Director, Professional Services, Biology


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Commercial engagement

Headshot of Thomas Boettjer


Thomas Boettjer

Business development director, Professional Services EMEA & APAC

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Headshot of Markus Bussen


Headshot of Aurora Costache


Aurora Costache

Customer engagement manager

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Headshot of Paul Dockerty


Headshot of Yapeng Zhang


Yapeng Zhang

Scientific informatics expert

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Project management

Headshot of Maureen J. McDevitt


Maureen J. McDevitt

Director, Project management and delivery

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Headshot of Yuri Shikhanovich


Yuri Shikhanovich

Manager of Professional Services

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Headshot of Laura J. Szymanski


Laura J. Szymanski

Senior Project Manager

Life Sciences Solutions Professional Services Group, Elsevier

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Headshot of Tom Williams


Tom Williams

Global manager, Project management

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