Alexander van Boetzelaer

Executive Vice President, Strategy

Alexander van Boetzelaer

Alexander van Boetzelaer is EVP Strategy at Elsevier. He is responsible for developing and enabling the execution of the overall strategic direction for Elsevier and managing Elsevier's sales effectiveness, marketing effectiveness and pricing centres of excellence.

He previously served as Managing Director of Elsevier's R&D Solutions business, in which role he was responsible for all aspects of developing and delivering information solutions that accelerate and improve R&D decisions and outcomes in life science, engineering, geoscience and corporate research. He oversaw the continued growth of the R&D Solutions business through organic and inorganic investments in new products and technology and led the transformation of a product-centric marketing and sales organisation towards a customer-centric organisation. Before that, Alexander served as Director of Strategy for Elsevier's Science & Technology division and Director of Business Development for the academic and government markets. In these roles, Alexander defined and drove the strategic roadmap for Elsevier's largest business line. Prior to joining Elsevier in 2006, Alexander worked as management consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton on the development of corporate and innovation strategy for companies primarily in consumer goods, financial services and telecommunications across Europe.

Alexander holds a MA degree in Civil Law and a BA degree in History from Leiden University in the Netherlands.

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