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Piracy panel discussion part 1

At the mention of pirates, most of us conjure up an image of swashbuckling buccaneers fighting against the tyranny of colonial powers….

In this video, the first of a two-part panel hosted in partnership with the Copyright Clearance Center, expert speakers Michiel Kolman (Senior VP of Information Industry Relations at Elsevier), Emma House (Founder, Oreham Group) and Roy Kaufman (Managing Director of New Ventures, CCC) discuss global strategies to combat piracy and counterfeiting.

Piracy panel part 2

In this, "More Strategies to Combat Counterfeiting", Michiel Kolman is joined by Sari Frances (Director of Content Protection Services, Elsevier), John Garry (VP, Senior Counsel - IP Protection Group, Litigation) and Paul Johnson (Strategic Account Manager, OpSec Online), as the panel goes more in-depth, referencing the specific programs driven by theirs and other organisations.

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