Using Complete Anatomy

With the world’s most accurate and complete 3D models of the human body at your students’ fingertips, ensure that you make the most out of the huge range of technology and content at yours.

Conducting your Anatomy class from home

Here are some simple steps to help you take your course online and engage your students remotely.

1. Create a Group

To add curated course content (screens and quizzes) to share with your students.

2. Share Screens

Share screens (2,000 preset dissections) with your students before or during an online lecture for a fully interactive Complete Anatomy experience.

3. Embed or share

Embed in PowerPoint learning materials or share online Deeplinks content (i.e. a Screen, Recording or Video) directing students to specific content they can explore by themselves.

Curriculum Manager: the ultimate guide

Take it from an expert, conducting your Anatomy class from home is easier than you think!

Learn how Kate Havens (Assistant Professor at University of Southern California) manages and teaches her students remotely.

Top 5 tips for educators

Top 5 tips for students

Supporting medical and nursing education

In this difficult time we are offering institutional access to our medical and nursing ClinicalKey Student platforms, at no cost, until the end of June.

If you would like to discuss access for your institution let us know.

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